Russian School of Russian Lesson 3, Chellendzh and Text, Vitaly Sundakov

Russian School of Russian Lesson 3, Chellendzh and Text, Vitaly Sundakov  See details »

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  • 00:04: Zdrava kind Russian language I Vitaliy Vladimirovich chests we are continue as I have I spoke about the wear and tear certain words needed to know about the original aboriginal and consolidated origin themselves words and smoothly from the original meanings speaking the language one can not tell on the lines of the letters Russian texts more precise language the beginning of origin themselves
  • 00:30: the names of these words You understand so and so so we are now do it Imagine someone I am seen and who have not seen sure to take opportunity look at plain simple handmade wooden what a loom until recently We were in every Russian house hut so vertical thread on this machine They called in Navoi them as if then
  • 01:00: not worn on heaps thread from the horizontal called wallpaper occurred in following words to sculptors sculpt create something both created on tissue machine horizontal cross Navoi wrinkle paved with via such Shirky I pointed these wooden man with the inner coil lord smuggles I can even say planted back and forth on all attention to the width paintings by name error occurred
  • 01:30: such words poking here and there sharp end Shirky by careless actions sometimes injected especially when and jokes steel tips do such a metal a needle with hooks Well to capture Rings of Defense does not go or correct tangled so there was but your bend that is, prick Shura today all dictionaries, too, without you exception will tell you that this word happened exclusiveness terminology incidentally addicts
  • 02:00: You can check yourself Internet so again combination e.g. you become popular Only the engine was designate not weaving and needle syringe that is, the process active heavy drinking drugs as Shilko remind its form most and a small spoon and later called hook well, not whether can not be conversely and as it moves here and there appeared the term shuttles there are such people systematically carrying goods to and fro, and even
  • 02:32: The term shuttle related air transportation But the big respectively steel hook gilded remember him Stenka Razin than but if you remember, and follow my We thought about challenger will all clear when the thread was torn It does not end needed to bring is not there in a different color and deftly literally one movement tied in a knot a boucle or beech
  • 03:00: As my face 100 six-year my grandmother Xenia not without harmony to acquisto the letter not to mention today Still without language thunder that line without nodule So a string, or stitching called Now this is the stadia lines Schalke or what so by the way is called line only was implemented by sewing machine well, when rattled mechanical sewing the machine is realized ubivtsa sound 100 sheet
  • 03:30: and that the cost-conscious machine guns, we continue cooking woven on a hand machined material summoned text and These words from the text occurred in following such words like texture or textiles but now here guess yourself how and what to Later we went They are associated with longer The written word as if a person letter Lines of text material they are product or products that
  • 04:00: prepared all editions same material there are prepared so that's our conversations I had promised he was also time hide anything were older, if not secret is turbid stories origin cute the names of the world history figures written for us, but world history because then move on to interesting statement of whether yes remember how to say
  • 04:30: named ancient yet and Arab scholar who wrote the ancient texts here prompt for texts that he performed whose way too easily associated with knitting that is, Network named him or he took his account name Alisher Navoi Nothing reminds connection with set forth above Well, that information on So today kratenko all I pereslushivayu it if released home ready for the next lessons until your
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