Russian School of Russian Lesson 2, Last Stronghold, Vitaly Sundakov

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  • 00:06: So Russian about the language and or V. Sundakov again they are already part of us It is known in the past lectures of many words Lowland and one does not wonderful time fail to fulfill its nominative function simply direct purpose and are in the best case distracted
  • 00:30: synonyms at worst change its meaning to another even on the the opposite of who like and why you happening to our language and with our history today will not speak it is good that we have at least somehow we understand each other but not always successful and well We speak effectively about modern Russian it should be noted that understand each other Less and less as continues sit so to speak inquisitorial
  • 01:00: kosterok way know how translated from the Latin, word int vision withdrawal Now think about it at leisure Well, and here also our compatriots savers without fuses writers will not happen with or without malicious intent if benefits pours of butter in the campfire without tangling we softened his outlandish conjectures to me on the notion about our really magic language trying to decipher
  • 01:30: he tried to decipher what never cipher especially valos for example there is in the groove den, and even more so in the letter so the abbreviations we are here with you We are working well, sort of last-ditch contemporary Russian language here He said in Popyhi the word fruit and I understand that already it should be clear and let's talk e.g. Today origin of the word bulwark Guliyev spoke
  • 02:01: so here is a stronghold of the words or more precisely on the ice passionately Vienna language meant wattle fence wall fence in some cases a the same value we it can meet such as Ostrom gospel plants a vineyard and its stronghold in the fence Daniel word sharpener fenced I have to fear the fruit firm in
  • 02:30: chronicles dated even the old way Russian dating 6620 seventh year stockade for tan oak These two bulwark and between them and FOL Now in the twelfth 13 on the eyelids when Some words have They began to express not specific really all anything the word fruit purchased figurative meaning as a stronghold of protection such as the Psalter already for 1296 rest on holy place in the individual and saints in the stronghold of the good
  • 03:00: heaven infinite life endless way written in this text, more like as it was put through the letter s soon portable abstract value the word fruit gets advantage over the original specific value already Dictionary Russian Academy of 1822 marked Only two later meaning bulwark as fences fences and the second as a defense defense there cover wherein to Example
  • 03:30: course of church biblical language telling us such that the power of the Sovereign they are God's Providence been a stronghold of Russia but from the enemy forces dictionary for 1847 the word fruit had finally recognized by the Church you have become obsolete accordingly not literature Well, now let's talk the true meaning words bulwark initially bukovkoy d by the end of bulwark yes and so on and
  • 04:02: ambulance in our land former times could be well on fetal that can be glad to be fruitful Crown sovereign special or domain of a full Crown lands or vice versa lenny Local and only in favor WE temporary use in the modern times is it was renamed lifelong rent from words fetal way was German word
  • 04:30: ideal where a stronghold in Russian as a bulwark full name means hereditary possession Well, if the earth really you might want to check significance of this German words on some questionable resource wikipedia say something she will tell you void sumnyashesya well that is, did not I doubt that a the fruits of this fictional the universe of computer games based on the story world fallen under the the influence of magic so it's time Be stunned focus on the
  • 05:02: the following information word flesh Russian language is also They called the earth fire flesh air Water that is why Slavic cosmogony Fertilization is from the divine creation fertilization is a transformation the flesh of water fire air and land living corporeal flesh or vice versa the flesh of the sea incidentally occurred such as fruit and words but the fleet will continue
  • 05:30: acts of the so-called times embodiments or if reincarnation want to present all Russian such tales one stone and remember someone It became a tree ice fit there Maiden creek prygnuvshy through fire tsarevitch crouching boiling water Gray Wolf Remove and Ammunition where love It symbolizes the flesh Kiss of Fire there prince sleeping
  • 06:00: or beauty Nastenka monster returns the last living well, or to desired there first image of an ulterior motive and today we call a your fruits and fruit on fruit trees and the fruits of their labors righteous and litter livestock and Finally the fetus in the womb expectant mother and so it should be understood all these Examples one word the fruit has got two
  • 06:31: completely different values only distantly reminiscent of initially So these metamorphosis occurred and continues be almost all words Russian language Now our task Well for starters show that if these distortion return original meaning words, and only then to that's based on real meaning and finally find true samples or images or rather old text sayings proverbs songs fairy tales
  • 07:01: names names geographical title title literally there all things and events we others without it just today impossible to understand either History is not culture no magical knowledge our very distant and enlightened ancestors from which we inherited with you most magical But if the Russian language we do not do Russian media the language is already on the right his birthday is soon not away from it will be nothing magical and meaningful He will become one of primitive languages
  • 07:30: a par with the other of commonplaces existing here perhaps such things enough for today I hope we It worked, though but not for long fruitfully pereslushivaya it is comprehend ready for the next lessons until your if Vitali Sundakov you like it the video help distribute useful and subscribe to our good luck and to new channel
  • 08:01: meetings