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Abrupt homemade product from the ORDINARY BULGARIAN. Make also to yourself this simple adaptation. Self-made bed  See details »

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  • 00:00: in this issue you countertops for a couple minutes so that Caudle all useful rovnenko straight soul calm Hello friends Today we will do a frame for m20 ears why 20 because we already made one and it It turned out quite good from scrap the role of materials incidentally pretty interesting and dynamic thanks for German assistance in channel snail who did not I watched this video I advise you to look quadrocopter it really cool as well, today we prokachannom
  • 00:30: stamina and achieve accuracy sectional both under 90 and under 45 degrees as always with you let Sergei start off [music] to start making out scrap materials simple and portable countertop so to speak add mobility our goats Me I like to call them goats so do not bomb in the comments better come up funny poem word goats and Th he gets most likes let down two hundred rubles
  • 01:00: phone the winners of the call in video next week countertop can make even meter on but I found at hand, and the I do use always of 25 pads boards accommodation and cut off to me finally returned circular saw without very hard work especially if the board and thou hast By the way if anyone It plans to acquire circular saw something I recommend to friends search through the service I'm here with the catalog help you filter quickly pick up yourself
  • 01:30: what you need in addition that can immediately read reviews of product and select best price Links to leave description below the video we cut into blanks they mark up their space for legs goats [music] and making holes by screws align our countertop and twirl here so most black best screws in dreams back words that damn break
  • 02:00: through one He added two middle guides so We will be safely put in its place, and we It turned out pretty good working and the surface and it is from one goat stress of 1 So take a and we note continue to look for the pros I think these goats Like I have already earned or not then go then go and fasteners We buy for a hundred rubles just such loop so choose
  • 02:30: that was not no backlash it is important that it firmly planted or squeezed but you I understand short further the one end ream M6 bolt take the step drill Do I have it yet live the way It feels good and expanding anchoring with one the parties have their screw on the other hand fasten large pair plastic cable ties [music] more here
  • 03:00: and raise grinders I have this higher brows piece 150 Afton fasten it to the countertop We are putting a noose and vent We put on nasadochku screwdriver and tighten until it stops to return we use mechanism spring from the front the door will have to be
  • 03:30: buy another pair and it is not exactly return to his place but still ahead almost ready project from Circular and want stir up something like miter saw It will be interesting gon check Vertical it should it is important to be sure propyl do in the board and draw a layout broke 90 and 45 degrees [music] install support bars so a way to have them
  • 04:00: not cling Incidentally countertops with bed turned Mobile is very easy and remove and move and well or as easily and and all sets a couple of seconds and you can get to work [music] first test It is into wedges [music]
  • 04:33: the result is obvious [music] Now put the CD on metal Metal profiles for the fence has not arrived yet so while on aluminum estimate result [music]
  • 05:08: I hope my friend you like this homemade thank you if you are my friend I looked through before I am very moment it I appreciate I wish you a very Have a good mood Well if you liked this video is punched Like and share with friends see this I will be happy and to learn first new homemade products subscribe to our channel and PUSH bell thanks again to
  • 05:31: new appointments [music] [music] [music]