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  • 00:55: maha which is love, I only graduated student spears clutch Hajiyev himself
  • 01:00: flexible man on planet we today We continue to Learn study exercise for the development flexibility of the procedure my trainer author Hasan Gadzhiyevo As you remember from past lessons we We made several exercises for development and groin mobility development knee and hip joint today we us these last exercise but
  • 01:30: pass me I want to move a little bit to the side and catch Thread power since food very topic important in our the difficult task flexibility of that seems only difficult but Actually it's a game a gamble that initially issued any difficulties some with but after complications month just two Everyone has their own life start it turns into a game of chance where
  • 02:00: each week every month if you will try reported to your you body starts to surprise his opportunities and so how to eat I have many I ask even its website wrote a separate a section dedicated eating anything complex do not have any secrets of any such clever things no the simplest I at all common to bear on the development of Depression body if you want to have
  • 02:30: mobility easy ease flexible plastic body you need eat separately This time, do not mix at a time different Food The first thing you need to start you on this hard way proper nutrition is to stop eating in the evening at least an hour three or four before bed It is not now such trend people on mankind food addiction they absorb food products CIP of
  • 03:01: quality CIP time is not very useful to the body when heavy when reassurance in the body much overweight it very still and it stretches from the pain this time it it becomes difficult yet no plastic can not play and go to be here this the first two steps 1 to secret that you to remember about other things I I try to remember but you later we remember the last The lesson is over here on we have done with slope
  • 03:33: parallel shins and shin area is Now these two parts the slope of the parallel Golem no sword lateral thigh and gluteal muscle today we complicate our task we put our feet But in this situation Seen foot rests on the knee joint little can Pull over to the shin from facilitate the task of this leg shin is on the other leg and knee-joint
  • 04:00: upper leg lies 2 articles are always here You should be space form triangle between your groin and your legs this exercise It begins with a full back relaxation since we are in the slopes we will try to pull back relaxed legs back and neck starting position and very strong inclination down in no case as I have you tell me do exercise on stretching fish exercise performed
  • 04:32: slopes are not remember every tilt down the machine Chinese pull forward an exercise is mobility no closer any that can start doing every the slope of the line up press and will be extended Chamber cuddle face we always remember We begin to exercise with amplitude of the light light effort force amplitude
  • 05:00: increase in end fixation for five seconds you in the end points for live are locked We pulled possible your legs a little bit back and stretched the second raises the same leg We put on the knee stop joint knee to the footsteps of many parallel to it exercise should be here in this position do only the people who long did previous lightweight version
  • 05:30: like that with the magicians who did not long Here is an exercise earlier he would can not perform this exercise not just joint will be omitted here again this leg too most 20 seconds main if your wiggles come back to our club this if exercise you try to falling could pull in back I drove back stretched torso
  • 06:00: It stretched due efforts do not understand your neck is relaxed I shall always be down is done from previous lessons if 20 seconds pylon 25 the end of the slopes fixing lain down then rises you can keep up throw a lie and the words of this increase mobility that It allows then to sit lotus pose lotus probably all know how it
  • 06:30: yoga looks meditate in the posture in this position we simply do this body of we develop what we our direction development differs by yogis very much general here here with them what can be achieved Doing this exercise Well, in principle, today's lesson quite clearly that I I want to remind you
  • 07:00: and wish to make focus is to flexibility necessity always healthy sleep if you do not really do not get enough sleep your body just be something moderate diet essential vitamins and nutrients in measure and hot tub, and a sauna massage three things without which your body with intense training will just do not hurt will drag before while you I want to say goodbye little to do previous excursion
  • 07:30: This lesson is a lesson complicated version must all previous lessons that we have already We studied here this lesson I if you want it perform fruitfully edge lots of we recommend rest and sleep do not early in the morning because that in the early morning stretching pours harder than after dinner then run forever there is development flexibility is stretching is done closer in the second part half of whom had even
  • 08:01: Other stretch 8 9 pm and there are people's principle I wish you well know you the flexibility of health until the next this lesson to goodbye