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  • 00:00: [music] Hello dear friends, glad to welcome you to our channel today, in this very short video I I want to respond to the numerous questions our viewers are asking and comments how to water as a right irrigate our crops before and after shoots shoots but really a question interesting because the glaze It differs substantially in front of you we have is 2 bowls it yet
  • 00:33: infantrymen entered seeds sown were literally 6 February that is yesterday and which is already sprouting there were two dice, and to save and petunia 1 saucer and I specifically chose her among set here is still at 2 different cultures and a culture has risen 2 more not risen well, that's what I'm in one of the their videos and warn you that a bowl is not desirable to produce
  • 01:00: planting different crops colors because that's how it happened will now have Here we see here planted cloves two rows and one row of seeds catharanthus This team itself, we need to collect and We try experimenting like that go that from these seeds then turns Cloves have risen because he similarity fast enough catharanthus yet there is no natural glass already here it is impossible to keep well as it was
  • 01:31: if not already covered here Culture would then put her there arose it rested on his glass and rose curl therefore partly a row we have covered to prevent moisture plenochkoj evaporated from the soil and the seeds are constantly Friends were in the humidity but it so to retreat once again we repeat I never did sow's Treatment was such but I would not I advise you, too, so carry out sowing better if it turned
  • 02:00: floor bowls bowls left on the street but then you can remove the time and shelter or even to hold it as needed for germination and so let Now a quick look at how we pour their flowers that we all do to the entrance you then shoots well from the bottom shelf which put in the lower world teplichke here these bowls we water to shoot here such here and spray nothing else we do not use other ways neatly without moving
  • 02:32: sand Yes, I am not much watering because everything hurts and before that just read it now! Comment quickly decided to take it off video and cover then another question is much condensate as you fight capacitor Well if you look here I began to form condensate As soon as I pulled the change teplichke this bowl sheltered these slides we must not forget that constantly goes evaporation of moisture from the soil fly friends
  • 03:00: so the moisture from the bottom of a piece of glass but preferably at least once a day to remove if it drips while there is no still shoots in principle nothing terrible seeds are embedded soil the droplets that will fall slowly with a small force with a small you to they practically do not threaten the seeds on This step also proceed well with all of which have not yet ascended pour and spray once a day or even just
  • 03:30: turn over a piece of glass condensate up or wipe it again and do shelter and a little bit different situation dealing with seeds that have already been here in front of you, this petunia themselves that same also rose in the first watering is carried out strictly under the root of why because it is already in such work it is time to spray wall can not they will constantly have to humidity leaves and stems and in that
  • 04:01: aged seedlings virtually defenseless before the plague blackleg so how smaller droplets can be that you got on leaves neatly under the root We spend watering and strictly on numbers do not have to fill between rows all the space here for a ryadochkom spine roots are still small, they are not here yet rasplelis throughout the area well, underground so excess moisture now they need me very
  • 04:30: and naturally after watering formed although the soil we have enough light but spend loosening course but not now So you see here Petunia loosening held after watering like a little bit longer dries the upper layer may be carried out This inter-row hoeing neatly great help is not delayed much moisture it will be a spine aisle dry naturally once we help so that plants do not sick of this dangerous disease
  • 05:02: friends Well this is how we spend field now while I must say on this occasion we have not yet fattening We spend no no as they are not sprouting after the emergence of well more plants little else even take part germinated plant seeds food well, in the soil we have here and humus black earth all in the mix even if you purchased the substrate Use the manufacturers have
  • 05:31: It adds a certain amount to fertilizers such small rastushechkoy Now this power is not quite enough it is necessary to adjust them while somehow a little later start feeding but yes the main thing is do not water such sprayer on ready-made seedlings it's doing is highly undesirable to this later short video, I hope to finish detail your questions answered friend Well, even I think this video was It is interesting the audience at that I did not ask
  • 06:02: these questions again but make sure I I think that most of it, and so do our viewers as I just but it showed our channel not only look growers with the experience or with people who plants are already relationships many years, but also the audience that only now decided to join or last year or this year to such lovely for interesting activities like but the cultivation of flowers and and other plants so thanks to all
  • 06:31: for the attention of the video really hope it was interesting and useful if it really so please put Huskies everyone good-bye to new meetings [music]