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The TV from the monitor on kitchen for 1600 rubles \/ LCD TV for of $25 [© Igor Shurar 2016]  See details »

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  • 00:02: Hello dear friends in this video, I I would like to tell you as possible install on kitchen television for the lowest price is budget solution so like TV stands from 7000 rubles and above naturally depends from the manufacturer of complete the capabilities of your TV began all with the fact that in the hands of I got into this samsung monitor He was faulty but
  • 00:31: Fortunately there was a failure pretty Easy to replace all only a few capacitors on this place separate video who can wonder the link in see description Well of course more We began the search as a you can turn this TV rather this monitor into a TV and I stumbled upon aliekspresse here on so here's the thing like you can see it's called m ti ve written boxing here in 1920 that it
  • 01:03: It indicates it is more visible course only its manufacturer and well tested Of course it permit will not well maintained as allowing monitor about 1400 on how many pixels means here it's the media's box this box he tax here connected analog cable this output in Basically there is a connector
  • 01:30: vga that you just connect your monitor and, in principle, there is complete cable that we there is a course entry to use but it is unlikely you will have opportunity connect here audio Output connect speakers It has all the power supply it is natural Now I show here so here it is in Basically a little on photos he seemed a little longer there
  • 02:00: a small speaker in basically it enough but if you You want that sound pokachestvennee the of course you will have to have the additional the dynamics of supply the speakers some also set well the third component TV is naturally wall mount it cost me 370 let rubles a closer look It looks like fixing and what here Options this is boxing and you so that a It is this one
  • 02:30: you box box Here's a little small in general that here there is an exit such dynamics holes in the form of Diamonds that there a a minimum set of some buttons naturally it menu switch volume more less and the channel and switch hither and thither It is likely has a light and infrared receiver for here it's remote from us
  • 03:01: basically simple here have a minimum feature set Naturally this thing so inexpensive here especially hope something beyond anything here's course our infrared emitter in principle on the menu I will now it's all show is inserted 2 3a and batteries in
  • 03:30: Included No Yes such recesses for hand in principle it legenky is It does not burden Of course it is not on the menu some branded Remote course he a weak Doing so myself but for the money in principle can be assume that all perfectly on our Power Supply pyativoltovy thousands mA only But with just such a small plug well
  • 04:01: also works very important more than anything You do not need to have one more thing this here audio cable which can be to plug somewhere and give no further sound of This dynamics of your speakers eg it's too bad there Here is such a cable on the one hand of god on the other hand here such a connector here we have 8 contacts if you do not think that's This means the total
  • 04:30: here it connects it we get the enemy, and that is it entrance to the Governor that here You can connect I Now this cable does not even know as possible from take advantage of take advantage of Here it is possible to Now that is output it's basically like access to your video card and respectively input the monitor here we have an audio input audio output green that is, we connect to
  • 05:00: Speakers and Audio control and those of speakers here pisi also have audio what is it means not very clear and we input antenna input this antenna hand we like usually for tulips the fact that it was possible to plug some might dvd-player or some sort of game console back to this that is, in the case Basically, if so take a Monitor this is the TV but that's not here
  • 05:30: this chip here this board with ie chips Here is the implementation in Basically you here there is little mount is here here it is inserted is inserted, and I have not tried but in general the in principle, probably hardly used I'm here and so probably inserted that's the way It will be all right even such well
  • 06:03: Naturally there are still instructions on English at who at least some basic concepts and in English is what I think you can understand yes and in principle it is possible understand even without this because she intuitive and it is All Milestones the devil here is here mount acquired 370 worth fixing rubles
  • 06:30: distance from the wall 21 millimeter maximum weight 25 kilogram which monitor diagonally You can connect from ten to twenty six inches in the the case is 19 inches bracket means it Russian production as I looked This Izhevsk doing well, basically there are many talk about it nothing is the basis which is attached to wall it is attached two self-tapping screws
  • 07:02: which are screwed in which plastic too, things are going set screw 4 which are screwed the monitor also has They set me It was so long I had to pick up short bolts to Fortunately they have me they were obtained I they are screwed already abut like basis Cover Power Supply monitor here own all to fix it is not
  • 07:31: hard course I need some hammer drill drilled in the concrete two holes in Basically that's all setting well in Basically briefly all that is the only still have it all to plug connect here Antennas that now I and will have I looked as quality image how can this all a business take or not take what advantages and limitations
  • 08:00: Well, that all cable summed up Naturally it all will have little ennoble once over decently all lay all everything was stuck once more civilized like this That's about It shows through this through a console t boxing our monitor in the principle of quality enough OK well, naturally depends of signals
  • 08:30: which will submit your well prefix Naturally since We have inputs for audio video and sound in principle, we can connect and digital TV but naturally so as allowing monitor is less than the full hd resolution is not here will be approximately where will, in principle, Remote catches even if This console can be to hide behind
  • 09:01: TV somehow way to consolidate the monitor well respectively sound probably need to check in sound principle normal channel switch sosa quickly
  • 09:40: here basically here It is turned Video about this consoles I think if some will you have questions given by this consoles of Now this particular video you can I have to ask comments or write me in contact with
  • 10:00: so that in this I I think all around Thank you for attention I'll see you in the new video even