Lyudmila Zaporojtseva

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New Year's sweet fir-tree  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: hello good Welcome to the channel of these 7 Today we will prepare Christmas tree from shortcrust pastry [music] whisk oil with powdered sugar and salt [music] add yellow as a
  • 00:34: we continue to pour [music] phase in flour without ceasing while whisking hands forming of ball of dough we place it on the sheet
  • 01:09: parchment shrivel up Cover with another sheet of parchment roll out the dough thickness somewhere one centimeter and send it to refrigerate for Half an hour squeezing to the test with an asterisk Forms of different size every size to be two copies lepim hands
  • 01:40: conical top of laying Stars on the island parchment paper baking and ship preheated to 180 degree oven baked and melt the 10-15 well in a water bath chocolate hide cooled cane chocolate glaze and decorate confectionery silver balls and asterisks [music] a
  • 02:23: crown decorate
  • 03:07: asterisks [music] as soon as the chocolate starts slightly cool start collect on a bun platter sprinkled sugar and confectionery shine we get real winter Christmas tree that
  • 03:37: covered with sparkling snow She will decorate as the New Year and Christmas table or original Sweet gifts for children [music] cook with love together with the channel office [music]