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  • 00:00: Good afternoon, dear viewers your channel I have a daughter Tatiana shoe and pleased to welcome you to your channel Today I'll tell you in detail how sow the beauty to tell about labeling and all the big names of the seeding method which gives one hundred percent good the result you want to start, I several words about lobelia lobelia is such tender small flower that is a bush with small
  • 00:31: lobelia flowers are different, they there are no wreaths and high ampelnye will be those that give the stages well Cascades innocent 35 centimeters but it tenderness is simply mesmerizing and la pelle always looks only in group plantings one bush he gives and not beauty dream and you can make a little blue borders Figures ampelnye good name in pots and
  • 01:00: around a roller coaster love lobelia sun and what is most surprising when I'll show you the seeds who have not seen just Well these seeds I probably stretch it but I have not seen and these seeds is very unpretentious and very easy growing plants and that it may have anyone who grow for the first time only I want to face them yet this year
  • 01:32: grow lobelia perennial but perennial labile little It differs from the one-year and well annual also if such here small annuals beautiful you are they give too demanding carpets timely watering well, very well It applies even if sometimes dry up
  • 02:00: nothing bad will happen many years it right standing tall bushes are sure that under be sure to wet the soil is there if you want to plant la belle and be sure in advance it is necessary to provide where you planted Ibuki because she loves the sun, too, too She loves bright places just have ensure that there is the benefit of well or zamulchirovat ground so constantly It was wet and now directly
  • 02:33: planting all the bags are 005 grams weight and if the manufacturer is not trick us, and I I buy for many years in different from different manufacturers is labile 005 grams any color or low lobeline high is about the same the amount of seed of some crops it so happens that the seeds
  • 03:01: other color flower of a different color It has a different type of seeds slightly larger here it is now we are the same for their dignity this flower that's exactly the taking seeds from a bag a very important point Flower seeds dusty and remember the sense of the word can not sneeze sigh
  • 03:32: no wind no drafts because they not only scatter and then we will not find a better pour them here so that's what a small plate there saucer white but very smooth so you can easily them out get all all achenes with every little Seeds grow great strong Kostik
  • 04:03: it I have stories about Lobelia pelleted seeds so simple there's just the families and everything grows there some seeds game skills are not there well, no issues label and we are not afraid a little bit sow her to be a little bit so in groups small because that's how
  • 04:30: and of the need to and dive into the ground at the lobelia Basically unpretentious but she loves fairly rich soil and good rises I tried different liar but you better all the most greenbacks strong seedlings are obtained if you take Universal peat mixture here I from peat mixture with the coconut here fiber already fertilized chopped and now I had her in a separate container I it
  • 05:01: that's poured into such a state it has become Chernenkaya as land is peat priming spread ground here and so we pour We start his rebellion do pour it and lightly press my hands and sometimes even we no longer feel better not to pinch and flatten all this is now enough, I'll show you how best easiest to 8
  • 05:31: sapphire lobelia there is a little blue Lobelia Here's sapphire and purple lobelia such as lobelia and pink patch so as to What is the difference here Shapiro and red and Pink is here such here machinery if you like a bit of snow I have This is the first sort of the way with them is not at
  • 06:03: then all will tell you how different it you can have a laugh here we took balcony knives under a strawberry but the good snow snow is good because it wonderful distilled water and, that when we pour our lobelia every minute we'll see how they they fall precisely as they they are distributed over the surface
  • 06:32: small that it always seems that their very few of them do not have enough and want I pour a little more in the past year, even having experience of more spread ground as a result of then a lot of the problems I had in the first place at swordplay it was difficult for even a little bit lay a pity because everyone plant can separate from Kostik I certainly have not the best option
  • 07:01: It happens on that on a similar to a It was a sow, and what is more advantage snow so that he melted our seed for a kind of take a little delay the seeds in the winter even forces surface, and here is the number of Seed why certain 4005 grams I I have practical experience of this on here
  • 07:30: Such are the 4 best times to be a container not a lot of it will be easy to dive ie either 2 or 3 namely the 4 I have been on everyone to try on the conventional method as it at Sullivan but we have the camera is not very it usually does not show I see it they work when I sat down on the white
  • 08:03: snow those. making than before therefore on the white plump snow just fallen myagenko was a little better course there is no well here is such a wonderful one natural help to spread the snow here and I works the same toilet sown
  • 08:30: 1 30 but now they seemed to have ascended that is here it's the most optimal, they are similar everyone can easily grow on a care for them I'll tell you What is the difference the next video white white lobelia lobelia even here It will be difficult to see in it the seeds of all Transparency does not frighten them the same Well this number must be divided by a
  • 09:02: same amount of time well and immediately say problems then here you can here are the two containers 2 that big containers or four like these most times everything will be fine when you white lobelia will net you a brand snow does not help even if it is nice and lovely she has such seeds are not any yellowish absolutely transparent to you
  • 09:30: seen in the snow in the snow, I tried not it turns out that's why the best way to namely the calculation of the area who want to individual bushes can separate well, lobelia individual tufts can not be debark it should be a lot of a number of separate Kostikov it wrong so food so we calculate it everywhere and so
  • 10:01: pro and salt, and as we have snow here not that we have to re-time the second path our land and its wet from the spray wetter cover with a lid and wait abundance somewhere a week later there's even less than 30 0 1 sowed the fifth day of today, and they have
  • 10:34: two days they already grow here full speed they were small dots so that the mobile is very good sprout so very grateful flower therefore I advise all grow this beautiful flower who information was helpful and put Like subscribe to a channel and I will continue to you all podrobnenko 1
  • 11:00: render so we can decorate our garden plots so incredible beauty until we meet again