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  • 00:00: Hello, I welcome Elena Koneva you to the daughter of the channel 7, and today we are about that it is necessary to plant the seedlings with February and early March and the fact that you need to do on the site at this time February passive mass starts at gardeners, many plants that we We grow in their fields It has a very long growing season therefore, there can not do without on seedling our channel has a video clip of
  • 00:30: what flowers sown seedlings in January so here are some from this list can be time to grow are now sowing in February This lobelia garden carnation snapdragons Pelargonium planting dates actually stretched and if it is done in the first half of February it will succeed in this month sown seedlings Begonia forever blooming its seeds very long germinate network is necessary for the surface soil then lightly pressed and a good moisten the soil
  • 01:00: optimum temperature for germination seed plus 20 degrees and a half month young plants dive in some pots and in early June planted in the ground seeds of lavender Guska hardwood and these require ratification It is due to this early period of its sowing seedlings sown to a depth of no more than five millimeters well-moistened soil container of crops covered with a film or glass and clean in the fridge Seed manufacturers recommend stratification within three months, but
  • 01:32: in practice the cost for a period of 30-40 days three-phase two pairs of true leaf seedlings should dive and ground planted when bypassed return freezing thermophilic solve or sage sparkling in the climate of our latitudes is grown as an annual sow it in end of February, early March sprinkled a thin layer of soil in the dive phase May 4 these sheets and at the end of May or early June, planted in the ground
  • 02:00: preferably in a sunny location if you You want to Viola violet type of cancer brought in the year of sowing and continuously from the end of May and of snow sow it on the seedlings February for growing seedlings grown seedlings into individual dive cups that you are well viola developed and stretched out seedlings it is desirable to place in a cool + 14 + 15 C well lit area quite unjustly forgotten heliotrope again gaining popularity
  • 02:31: But once a rare garden do without this flower possesses a marvelous vanilla aroma all of these should be the surface as the its seeds germinate only in the light press them down to the ground but do not sprinkle on top of a month when the seedlings grow picker to leave them in separate pots in the garden seedlings can be relocated since the middle of May, and of course favorite of gardeners petunias starts too sow seedlings in late February early March the seeds are very small and sowing
  • 03:01: is carried out solely on the surface soil in any case not buried shoots usually appear together in 10 14 days grown seedlings into individual dive pots on our channel has a selection videos of growing seedlings petunias reference to it appears today top of the screen where you can see all the process of growing and planting of petunias before planting in pots February is also possible to plant a garden strawberries if you want to grow it out
  • 03:31: seeds for the guaranteed crop in the current season it should have been sown in January but for a relaxing cultivating good strong plants it is not too late to do until the first decade of March on our the channel has a video about planting the garden strawberry seedlings link to it Now there was the top of the screen which also vegetable crops are sown seedlings in This time begins at the end of the month Mass plantings of eggplants and sweet Pepper cultivation in greenhouses
  • 04:00: and of course tomatoes favorite culture on our sites to get a good seedling of vegetables it is important to correctly calculate their term sowing on our channel there is a video detailing It describes how to do this link you can be found in the description of the video and now and the top of the screen in the second half February start planting onion seeds if it is to growing seedling method in this way it is possible for one season get a good onion sowing
  • 04:30: seeds and at the turn of February and March sow seedlings leek since crop before planting seedlings of open ground it takes about sixty-seven ten days when two or three of these forms sheet to a seed germination at room temperature should be from 22 to 24 degrees Celsius and then it It should be reduced to 18 degrees during the day and plus December 10 at night if this mode is not comply with the flower in hand
  • 05:00: Plants produced in the first year they 2 as it should be all kinds of celery best grown seedling method for petiolate root it is a prerequisite and the sheet you can sow directly to bed of seedlings but preferably sowing time stemmed root celery seedlings last ten days of February I want to see that all that is sown seedlings early when the days are short and for the most part overcast and require supplementary lighting fitolampy is very good but some
  • 05:31: gardeners made its construction hands that are inexpensive February is very desirable to go on your site and conduct an audit in this time well you throw snow tree trunks of fruit trees you need to check the shelter conifers you protected, including by sunburn which can appear as early February all the best of success to you growing seedlings and good luck in the coming summer cottage season Insert husky subscribe to a channel good luck to all
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