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Galamart. Review of purchases. - Cheap! Cool! Necessary purchases. September, 2017.  See details »

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  • 00:02: [music] Hello from Novosibirsk Hello my name is Larisa Bocharova I shoot video first time I make a purchase store called galamart we Store this still new and I once already shot video review Shelves something and today I outlined
  • 00:31: I went I bought and we teach it they bought all that I wanted it spent 2000 does not believe it is now I'll show you what I bought I saw a lot in general price Well, that's normal I start here I have everything next is the case here These are the two so they what is the name of tureens and bulonnitsy so here they are with ears Here are tabs here
  • 01:00: It costs 49 rubles 1 piece So I took them here 2 so they me useful and eat So the hawk and I all dishes much It must be so taken here so here I am this Spice mill 119 rubles worth it I Of course I did not try I know I
  • 01:30: Spetsstroy collected look what good I do not yet know it not so she tried I like everything has been done still did not understand I tell them, honestly she is such a whole 119 rubles worth me So you see I fix so she took a price already all has broken 99 rubles gave all plastic that's Well worth 119 rubles
  • 02:00: Of course I do not know I think it over decency even looks nothing I say try then I look and then will use common it is still new in general here such here then took here such But for Sugar 39 rubles in all I do not I am going to take well Then I looked liked fix pricelist all looked there is little she a slightly different form little can
  • 02:30: wider standing there in my if I am not mistaken It helped 99 rubles here it is 39 rubles dispenser sugar I took thought why not take 39 let it be just such a thing I saw here It costs 29 rubles banks signed get when sterilizes here and here and so detach and take it easy I certainly do this but I
  • 03:00: I took it too then identified I did not sterilize was such adaptations it certainly does simple I do not need nor any some may be what you have steeper I am happy with all there you just have to I tried to get three-liter bank full water gained and I tried to catch good touches anything there does not fall into the well, Generally, I like that he It took 29 rubles worth facilities why not take usually just
  • 03:30: corolla I came out down I took a look good whisk of stainless Steel Now here he is well much is made here all here and seamed worth 89 rubles here whisk whisk alpha I already called whisk in general that almost flew it here place here here here slightly cracked, I I am suffering now one takes off and flies I I took new wonderful evening less than 90 rubles, I
  • 04:00: I considered normal if the price fixed price list feature but I pop I I was ready for 99 take a well alone normal there beaters but I there as do not like all flimsy I did not take it well I look here immediately noticed here today I bought you are welcome do so here it is long as I know that it but fails It costs 49 rubles from me pechenyushki kids kids took the matter
  • 04:31: here such upakovochku I know that it she briefly Plastic well for 49 rubles arc it hold then it's elephants here elephant Hippo is here bear's star heart Here's a how krugleshok a whole lipitor and petals I gently century We have little kids so they just Naad is in the cookies I
  • 05:00: I took a upakovochku If a bunch of terrible even something happens so I took this here capacity 49 rubles is called container for microwave 2 liter here she is with berries yakosti here your check will make one possible and there I took just here to me I liked it capacity is large I took the same amount I take such capacity I often something in the yard already refrigerator will
  • 05:30: I visit my check from even here please Now open inside is such beautiful jar why not I here well cap by the way is closed tight here took 49 rubles worth the price and Now I subscribe also all memory He will not be taken here a grater me she like 159 rubles worth and so I took it from me any
  • 06:00: but different grater this was not all looked when filming I was still thinking take not take it here here cheholchik how close to she did not get the dust heart closes itself Now it's so much here here large such a small grater see and it is such a So you see I do not know is not rubbed's it is here and so opens today show
  • 06:30: so it's cap here's this here too photoshop to look good poddonchik a big wide Here is the crust here it's so Now closed well I took 159 certainly not 99 rubles very well looks decent I made with high quality He took me in with no
  • 07:00: capacity because I often just a corpse cheese I rubbed all I decided to take the it is more like that in sides can be put rub the sides also and there will gather all very took a great buy Considering this was a 1 after 8 rubles silhouette toilet soap strawberry kiwi learn and It is so good very tasty need things to such a prayer
  • 07:30: 8 rubles to her so purely I have a lot of colds I take everything to the kitchen Of course I have all such purchases so here are the two took Now the capacity of such 39 rubles worth it so I I think the price normal to me too for kitchen I have such here transparent glass like thick here he took two pieces
  • 08:00: they are not quite small normal such capacity by 39's Two things took taken here such here such as a bowl to me She liked standing 69 RUB 800 grams even signed here It's done so look straight this ornament she beautiful she is from such dark glasses Well well Now it looks But when even when
  • 08:31: light behold even then some gold gives us this interesting this is me I liked it I took many 69 rubles ok so taken here of this stainless steel bowl bowl so much in 79 rubles and it is for 1500 22 milliliters centimeter deep bowl
  • 09:00: stainless steel here look what good month. Here are seven sit rubles that's the power of Taku bowl that's the sort of thing dishes so I liked it look hard it Stellan is it painted plate dummy Africa ceramic 89 rubles
  • 09:30: this is a large not easy I like it here all her this platter is good and ceramics took Here are 29 rubles here are two things this is how it will done risunochek is going and this little blue in this way he took here are two things
  • 10:01: they are where they are 200 milliliters written here shaped salad bowl It called and strength many plastic so things here are I took two cups Now things look two plastic the same as the price of 19 here are 17 rubles half centimeters without knowing
  • 10:30: volume I read there but not so deep took here are two cups so took one Now this cup straight so deep I was so neatly 19 rubles, too, is in general, the power of her I, too, and here are the body These two cups worth 29 rubles she wrote more than twenty centimeters diameter
  • 11:01: here they are here are here painted rollers So they two same costs 29 One little thing I did a quite more This alone is worth the same 29 rubles is quite it is more direct 25 centimeters is written diameter is such straight cup here too and berries such variant
  • 11:32: kitchen general here So I took such cup 1929 rubles scenes here are so on now I will show form the main building went I'll show you here made forms three of them took me We do not need influence I noticed when and did a video review
  • 12:00: here they are metal I want concoct this Cake I metal was not not only silicone such I've always wanted take place on this 79 rubles worth because of their 4 4 pieces of iron mold for cupcakes written in Generally, I'm going to do shortcrust pastry test and set up video I really wanted
  • 12:30: I do want to protein with cream What fruits and this is not much calorie protein we least three calorie pastries in Generally I want to here such here are three of them took 16 these pieces are no cry especially 4 to 12 pieces well, still just probably per serving if the dough start I think 12 is enough since then I have here such a look here
  • 13:00: case 4 pieces here are I do Fixiki I make different colors, and they same here four piece silicone silicone all that's cool I took'll cook Now they are more than some but at the same time small but exactly Nicky look and shape Here is such a like I have great so I It took them 4 pieces one thing is so somewhere and has signed but 39 rubles worth one so I will do in the
  • 13:30: four of them are oven took two features here are worth 49 rubles here's one here packed one unpacked show Here's a silicone she made reply me here is no such I will also do in the such see what will now also two things in business shallow well good will such cupcakes want different
  • 14:03: It took just such a shape I Silicone this was not her It is so 89 rubles Forms silicone and 22 5 12 5 cm Now it's this here deep please formochka good one such as corrugated is sweet in general just such a mold 89
  • 14:32: rubles worth so here It is business as usual they're just here such here are tidy Here's a tidy 10 stuff decline 49 rubles so I took them Unpretentious in general is not satisfied size at me simple like these no, I have decided to take I dotted all And this is just tidy without any photo corrugations so, too, I want to let will be
  • 15:00: so here are taken from a I did not have such a here I have kids to love them any He brought me and here I am bake such as muffins, he'll pour into them the all sorts of butterflies dragonflies points here is how just kids here perfect form but it is already 149 rubles, well, in general it silicone good a thick straight thick thick good as it you I think is worth it Elecon signature if
  • 15:31: Elsewhere, I saw and took 280 or at I have a form and for 159 rubles here it took 149's it's for a goat Here is a sunflower I think is called Come on up to 159 at a sunflower I do not have a sunflower such form oh how I I took the oven will be nice probably is the good fat Silicone is not a some as-is as a
  • 16:00: rag you and this chat already here straight standing straight at the hands of Rita good quality of what's on packs hold falls does not bend, I think it worth also 159 rubles shape phone Well, in general, it is all my purchases 2000 Well this is now whist but I do it I need to advance this I am planning so pub Cup in my Generally the one-time is meant a long time taken so that it may
  • 16:32: who imagine that it would take at who has a Shop the city in general I hate it like store even more than a fix a price to be honest Express already there absolutely nothing I can do choose and there is direct you can walk dig my daughter eating out again because my mother enough we I have a daughter I take take torsh I have not even identified thought that this but the amount has already won
  • 17:00: all bye bye to all all these videos happiness health can anyone have if there is a store please visit look thirds without knowledge he me like I will be there Now I will come remove and shelves when can also purchases will be all up goodbye