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  • 00:00: [music] [applause] [music] on
  • 00:31: [music] Hello's winter I want something tasty and warming so today I will prepare 4 prescription hot chocolate but before I start I want to cook show you what gift to surprise me the company has made a living of coffee they gave me sent a parcel with different varieties coffee and honey all natural coffee without
  • 01:00: flavoring if you take it through the online store fresh roasted coffee is always that Of course it is very important the different varieties honey honey soufflé with dried apricots with black currant as well as cranberries with raspberries and mint This honey is very tasty once Now we tried it all the time buy when it comes to Russia with natural berries for our subscribers on promotional code family 15 percent discount on the entire range
  • 01:30: link to online store put in description below the video Come in and order and now We proceed to the preparation of hot hot chocolate will first recipe chocolate coffee for him I The following products need one a cup of freshly brewed organic coffee I picked up a collection of oriental tale of living of coffee milk chocolate milk sugar and cream to start shall weld cup strong coffee, coffee is very fragrant
  • 02:01: [music] we place 2 teaspoons on a little cup fill with cold water and set on Fire scoop or a saucepan pour milk
  • 02:31: Cream sugar and chocolate flavored coffee stir and set on fire heated stir until chocolate is completely dissolved the liquid begins to boil all processes time control as the Boiling liquid can escape boil one minute and remove from heat hot chocolate
  • 03:04: poured into cups decorate with whipped cream and caramel [music] It left to try me happened
  • 03:32: This is delicious real hot chocolate in the coffee flavored whipped cream it came out very tasty turn to 30 following recipe hot chocolate Natella and called for it to me it will need the following products milk cream any percentage of milk fat chocolate and chocolate paste for nutella decoration will use a bit
  • 04:00: walnuts and whipped cream scoop or a saucepan pour milk cream nutella chocolate paste and two teaspoons stir and put on the fire as soon as milk little heats up all the time stirring to the chocolate completely weight of the solution boils cook one minute and turn off the fire until hot
  • 04:34: chocolate boils prepare decoration for the usual cup walnuts I shift in the bag and shred crumbs interspersed in a bowl [applause] daubed edge of a cup of chocolate paste Now the cup is dipped in nuts
  • 05:12: [music] decorate with whipped cream on top sprinkle with nuts
  • 05:31: I try that I got very tasty with nuts present a pronounced nutty flavor of this recipe is worthy attention to the following recipe I cook called hot chocolate area This uncomplicated recipe I use milk oreo cookies and white chocolate in the bowl of a blender pour biscuits
  • 06:00: [applause] pour milk [music] whisk and pour everything in a bucket pour the milk residues white chocolate and set on fire all stirring constantly so that no lumps that chocolate is a more thick due cookies bring to boil and immediately remove from heat hot
  • 06:33: chocolate eagle ready sad to decorate a cup of cookies remove the layer just cut off her with a knife it will not be needed and cookies shred into fine crumb crumb peppered plate in the cup coated with chocolate paste or melted chocolate [music] dip a cup into crumbs
  • 07:04: [music] Pour the hot chocolate [music] decorate with whipped cream and biscuits [music]
  • 07:31: chocolate is thick enough it can be as a and to try and spoon, I'll do it with a spoon taste of childhood who loved biscuits soaked milk is very similar it is very delicious very tender I think consistency is turned to children this will be the best option left to prepare the last recipe and it will be hot chocolate red Corduroy for this beautiful but not least,
  • 08:00: delicious recipes I need milk white chocolate vanilla stick a little starch cocoa powder and vanilla sugar and red food coloring pot pours the vanilla sugar cocoa powder sugar a little corn starch and pour very little milk to dissolve the bulk products to
  • 08:31: The solution was stirred well all whisk and pour the milk residues stir well put foot heated hot milk ship cinnamon stick and boil for a few minutes turn off the finished liquid fire shoot with fire remove the cinnamon stick and it us more It does not need and hot milk
  • 09:01: add white chocolate mix up complete dissolution of the chocolate is completely dissolved divide in 2 parts of the molded bit into another bowl and add red food coloring dye color in one part of the larger dye other smaller mix
  • 09:34: [music] ready to pour the chocolate in a cup first the darker part of the top and pour a brighter area top decorate with cream and sugar
  • 10:06: grit here is a nice hot chocolate red velvet I turned unfortunately does not transmit the camera so as a dark color becomes more light coloured but nevertheless, in any case, it is very nice now I'll try like this on the taste is very delicious taste is felt
  • 10:37: white chocolate cocoa taste is very the original version is not less tasty than others and write comments which version you like better I hope these recipes will be useful line not long evenings pamper yourself something tasty to subscribe our channel do not forget to click on the bell to alert you
  • 11:00: new video and do not forget about discount online store living in the coffee link compote in the description and I say goodbye to you all while [music] [music]