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Ideal and tasty dough for pelmeni, manti, vareniki, chebureks. Quickly, simply!

Ideal and tasty dough for pelmeni, manti, vareniki, chebureks. Quickly, simply!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I I will cook pelmeni how do I not your I will show because with its own way did I show you how make dough and then both feet because dumplings always leave and summer and winter autumn in spring cold weather certainly more Well so we need one Egg break once all quickly salt add to taste but I'll take my salt
  • 00:31: it is not very salty sock from where the floor tablespoon even maybe a little more somewhere incomplete tablespoon there Again, all good I stir it with protein salt in Berry then add 3
  • 01:00: glasses I 200 new gram flour flour sifted if you measure it by measuring mug it somewhere 400 grams of flour well shorter glasses here means flour pour and one tablespoon vegetable oil straight flour
  • 01:32: switch on Stir and add a glass boiling water to flour pour all stir with a spoon
  • 02:04: first spoon prevents then knead dough with hands Now all this consistency Now it turns out I I take and tidy Knead the dough can be
  • 02:30: then on the table with flour If you need flour add view as I have the dough obtained a elastic range it does not completely must cling even Now the table is not sticky I kneaded it sprinkle a little flour in oilcloth here it is obtained dough is lukewarm some water Now I'll put it well
  • 03:01: 15 minutes on bag that it has become such a elastic and here is all this time can be cook ground beef until such cysts lie down the dough has turned this line is equal to see soft Flexibility good direct work with him all of this test
  • 03:30: you can make dumplings pasties in dumplings please anything that wonderful straight Now I'm going to do I first time on I cook here on the I like it for some reason on this machine even more than you ever We love hand quickly to make 37 pieces It means like this I cut into the thickening about learn to lead a
  • 04:01: paint you are somewhere here these things I First it'll take 4 a little further rest then take flour little grandmother He taught
  • 04:31: all and rolled a class to all It included here on this machine before I need to put an eye straight good good flour sprinkle try even to the inside When the dumplings will they did not turn if you do not stick fly it back down then all will pick out
  • 05:01: necessarily so densely Now I roll out a layer we will continue to do 1 dollop ready sprinkle with flour, too well from this side and this side of that sprinkled by hand here this reshetochki all put and these all
  • 05:30: fill gaps meat at strong not dent so slightly These layers here tortillas rolled very easy because that test and I repeat all the work straight one fun so Now fill We roll out a second cake and close all shut down if
  • 06:02: not enough can pull up slightly worthless too lightly sprinkle flour and now rolled to the Now that all these here from bumps have this machine to all dumplings were good winning separated that then it is not tear Good first on the edges of the dough
  • 06:30: very comfortable machine I give I'm here Moved not orzala this is now possible remove the excess of this test, we further we will roll cakes I like this here I rented it to be overall consistency and a towel and his there times that it softened and then all will yet roll cake and then that's it more good
  • 07:00: so everything rolls pro skated take spacing or tray sprinkle with flour and turning around see how easy because we are well sprinkled with this Thing and there is also smeared almost all dumplings fell wonders what drink they are obtained straight beautiful once for 1 37 Now pieces well laid out
  • 07:30: we eat and rovnenko then in the freezer So here so I typewriter their hat very quickly and it turns tasteless experience is so well that then I still like hand Do Well Well on typewriter I bungle 4 I have got here such machine 30 m that calculator the head can not count immediately
  • 08:00: how much So here is enough an amount of instigated dough then came here left just Here on stolechko patty only one enough so this is so that the dough does not I'll remain manual hand how I do unroll sausage is good Now I have scraps obtained here and so I cut I will do little
  • 08:30: want too little here about such that the time little brush is not Roll out the full a glass layer I do not have to cut here his hand so that I punched as such here small tithe rollers I try to
  • 09:00: Of course the same model to dumplings but it looked residues in general the same We turned over so close up but I think everyone knows how will drink dumplings let alone something different sculpts other form I So we have here do And so Usenko
  • 09:32: Roll out a blueprints obtained small krasivenkie now! completed yet show here is the number of ravioli I derived from this 4 means test molding machine and here a little bit with residues manual modeling now little cook and will I eat dumplings
  • 10:03: let cooked look a little have all turned a good little because already sprinkled pepper you can with sour cream ketchup sketchik he eat as you like I generally like Now that they are boiled in water I'm such alcohol stirred dough
  • 10:30: More on surplice the dough is obtained very soft elastic try I do not know how they hot very much but such tests so wonderfully cook with pleasure in all all good so far