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How to make Barmy manti (Buldurup manti) - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today I have a day off and I what to cook for Dinner itself yeast mongoose stones It called noodle rubles for that we You need flour yeast and warm water a little salt here 800 grams of flour and about 15 gram of yeast and 10 frames salt begin to knead the dough
  • 00:36: should be to be warm our the dough has risen Bystrov text when Knead kill him in warm place it I got up quickly
  • 01:01: I cook at home is very very rare but We decided today prepare yourself to Dinner yeast dumplings because at work cooking type bored all day like cooking very very little so
  • 01:31: So we knead the dough turned our now it is soft remove a little smazhem vegetable oil and kill the pack take in a warm place it rises minutes thirty or forty and go further prepare our models so our dough Currently we have him here and so we have made of He rolls such Now that's here and so
  • 02:01: thus driving 20 grams of a hundred we greased with vegetable Oil is also in our hands vegetable oil by Our dough is soft will stick he's throwing dough all the test and scattered here now we here Cover with top reserve pod another 15-20 minutes and then begin directly sculpt our with you
  • 02:36: test has come defend what we do we take our dough untwist but the edges . does mean get a pillow needed the exact slapped him the film strongly thick here like this made take so forcemeat stuffing but ordinary
  • 03:00: no such thing added onion beef meat housing vyazhis salt and black pepper more we do We do not add a magician out there all someone loves fatter added more of the same to less Fat loves less added start love it and squeezed I collect collect dough going gather
  • 03:32: Now we've got Now and again we collected We collected collected We collected collected We collected collected
  • 04:18: We will talk again the same 20 minutes 22 minutes no longer spend time
  • 04:51: these we collect so our monkey
  • 05:04: bridges with you prepared and here they have turned Again we see with vinegar and red sauce boat hot peppers
  • 05:34: Now here we are with you manti happened