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  • 00:00: Hello Dear viewers with your grandfather again 4 Today I would like to tell you about preventive events autumn-winter period for laying hens Many subscribers and Spectators my channel ask what prevent you You are doing here in this period the more
  • 00:30: Now here's the weather this week was frost minus 5 minus 8 then just two days before the beginning of the whole melting snows day Crude for rain like something that is dirty a good question to prevention needed what preparation I I use for swims for prevention have a very inexpensive but very effective drug it even
  • 01:00: can be called magic cure for a penny is it worth it's not expensive Now I have it I show it's a Now drug legs surely those who It is engaged in a long time hens or poultry about He heard and know But those who do not know Now I will tell you Here is such a means He is a drug He called the book
  • 01:30: one or other of the the name of his second the name is blue Iodine's means it is sold here in these still say 100 bottles milliliters ie This 100 gram price for such bottle 18 rubles 50 kopecks here on Today's This month of December 2017 year that is understandable that this budget so let's say the drug for all that is the way
  • 02:05: say a big plus the drug or What are its advantages its advantage thing is This drug can be used as external agent is various skin disease in animals cut wounds some pecking you Here and accordingly inside diluted with water
  • 02:31: It means for treatment some cuts again of cool other way say violation skin yy birds formulation is applied to the cotton or gauze Here is a place where a tampon be treated then cleared First of dirt here and then this formulation is applied to the and so say affected area the skin is very
  • 03:00: effective good means being why this drug poultry all love firstly his first the most important thing I I think so to speak an advantage he did not It contains antibiotics and It contains hormones Here and accordingly all other hazardous so to say man substances and is addinol excellent disinfectant means that
  • 03:30: suppress vital functions many pathogenic bacteria Here accordingly he very effective in prevention treatment I repeat many diseases if it is like mouth and said any viral disease in chickens colds and gastrointestinal tract of chickens that has everything he treats here Well, not all respectively all so many say
  • 04:02: disease he cure, and now I will tell you how we him We give our chicken then give my adding a water that chicken drink proportion but you I understand that is his diluted with water then see what proportions here is the dilution repeat bottle 100 gram
  • 04:30: it means you respectively all the number of the courier I know someone in the 3 5 someone someone at 10 someone smokes 20 understandably accordingly you You know how much they have you drink a day liter of water there 2 3 4 5 on 1 liter of lukewarm drinking clean water we add 1 milliliter or in another 1 gram the drug respectively
  • 05:00: then here comes then you know there are two l you then dilute 2 in this cube drug and so on Now you can measure usual, I usually better here at syringe I have a syringe disposable here May 10 cc unimportant smoothes Nadi its number 5 l take 5 liters water to 5 grams or 5 dice the drug It means a course of treatment
  • 05:30: or prevention as we do in within two weeks I am therefore come I take out my water bottle and my and I pour to wait Heads of water was added all drug crust I have the whole day letters ie this course last two weeks then we do two week break and again for two weeks
  • 06:01: usually but I as Kurchik just as its so to speak its birds I look fly chicken okay feels there are no diarrhea no there is no one attaches no gave way ie can, in principle, to four weeks to make break Well, so, in principle, I can alternate I am talking all winter here because autumn-winter period this drug is very effective from roughly from November
  • 06:30: month it went November December January February March Now until April If you can safely let's have a protracted one such child winter Can I give up heat that is worry there is not less than This is still good this drug the drug is good that lessons cession and so with every Now these treatment preventive action when chicken chicken drink it Quality means not
  • 07:00: meat and egg quality is not It does not deteriorate then there are the meat and egg you can safely eat it there are drugs fully so to speak for man safe when let you know when we give antibiotics in five to seven days after we Egg so let's say the course treatment I give antibiotics here in so to speak prevention is still I repeat and treatment of the egg can be
  • 07:31: eat meat and can be obtained without harmless so to speak another means time about this and about I will say that the drug than it is good it is good the fact that here all these so pathogenic say organisms that it inhibits suppress their of life in it is not for them addiction that is they him not accustomed and accordingly, this prevention is very I say this
  • 08:02: effectively acts and the treatment is effective act that We started eating you as they say and finish at the there are all effective the drug is very so effective and so he really say popular and poultry again repeat means necessary inexpensive penny money but means how to say fairy 5 drugs clone can be called
  • 08:30: I recommend you all enjoy this drug here because he saves us many shall we say problems after chicken so to speak prevention of drug better yourself feel less here are subject to this all colds in this period here again you see today not just an hour temperature somewhere -5 degrees from the snows I walk that is, I have them tempering their Nagra do not let them because
  • 09:01: I will say say with Spartan healthy here respectively a drug again I say to you very so it helps I recommend you use and will have You all right in farm level will get sick and everything says will well then I will still I wish all times if someone on this video It was useful will I am glad write comments
  • 09:31: ask questions put the huskies sign up with you It was dead sea etc. Russian is my winter economy I wish all of you viewers, subscribers, we close friends with him good friends Russian winter health of all the the best more Our positive way say all life
  • 10:01: bye Bye