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  • 00:00: Good day dear Gardeners with you I am glad Tatiana all welcome on your channel Harvest garden today's video I I want to show you and talk like hilling potatoes I I will show you an example early potatoes which was planted in me after the germination in sawdust specially for early harvest I want to show you how he had up almost a few days he will bring because here
  • 00:31: please see here attention everywhere already here bars flower stalks are already everywhere there are still two or three days here are so warm Weather and potatoes bloom and digging can be literally a about a week days ten can undermine start young potatoes after flowering of the I have a bed zamulchirovat and already rather spud his way part still left
  • 01:00: But if I remember sowed mustard in the middle of the beds the same day when I planted potatoes Here mustard potatoes about January 1 height mustard It begins already too practically blooming ie as Right now, I the most useful substances this is the concentration there is also a plus here look what abundant green plenty of what I do and I the same mustard Now I will spud
  • 01:30: I'll potatoes Now part of the show here I have a Kuchin and But on the other side already part and Kuchin's Now here's an example literally 2 January bushes I'll show you how I I do it here It called fan ridging that is, we Now we eat not to rake up earth empty
  • 02:00: about the middle of putting night will serve Here mustard who grew up with us until the middle of the beds she grew up she It caused us means the land did not give multiply ie wireworm she is the head wireworms and Generally live again on the I grew here such here rich green mass Maritsa it is possible If you do not have let's say a particular mustard hill
  • 02:31: in this way any benefit weeds absolutely any even with roots Look here it is, Now this mass mustard that is, look what organic and here look at the example bush, I'll show you that It is correct ridging that is you not heated ground like that bush like this It was taken from this hand tyapochkoy He passed from this side tyapochkoy and vice versa We are pushing the bush here and so flat on fan put it that
  • 03:00: there's straighten These here are our branches you eat pilots in different directions and Now the middle of this our bush we just like this here impose our green mass we can add little can land just weeds or here in this the case of mustard here yet the answer remains last year's, these Here the remains of green manure that is, a dry how hay too beautiful It means the mass of material mulching
  • 03:30: can be installed gradually FZO several visits You can immediately fill a whole bunch of this here masses leave only here literally just these here tips are not inundated with literally next day they rise that is, do not be afraid do and perfectly drawn to that is, as the sun if it were not no matting urine disease that is, here it is true that hilling it gives us this fine food this here is such a
  • 04:01: advanced bush volume obtained ie, each stalk highlights the sun and as you You know not only China is considered the land in the plant the case of potatoes, we the sun is also very is a big part of the game there is sunlight also provides food and Light air here and here in this way potatoes obtained much harvest it Potatoes are mainly large under the mulch
  • 04:30: always wet in any even for dry and general productivity increases but my estimates at least twice this method for me I'm not new For several years use and very happy with the result I must say that this way to start many talk about what I should I do if I have there let's say 10 acres potatoes planted or 50 acres, this method is not for such area I've personally I want to want to literally
  • 05:01: there next year keep fit potatoes to one but hundreds of such techniques like preliminary sowing green manure here's the plan Mulch that is, it is called Fan hilling it is so increases productivity what can one weave receive Basically yes tons and it really works really possible that Now I want to achieve something there is no planting there October 20 acres of land
  • 05:30: and put a hundred and provide for his family Potatoes can be a year so if enjoyed my current video this method I of course very pleased Many probably still unaware of this fan-way hilling but believe that this worth what you like so here to work hard and weeds act as fertilization and irrigation less and yields More here so that I decided with you today share very
  • 06:00: There were many questions that is why about here is how I spud etc. theme I promised you show unusual spud's you are welcome beautiful hilling which which resulted in you will receive abundant fine crop If you like my today's video I I will be very happy put the huskies subscribe to my the yield on the channel garden next video weeks after two-two and a half we
  • 06:32: already we will be with you digging up young potatoes, I hope I you also shoot a video I show here in general grow potatoes your potatoes with dos young dill in the middle of giving mid-June, it very nice and the kids liked videos and put the Huskies subscribe to my channel fruitful garden with you was Tatiana all the best to all
  • 07:01: Goodbye until all till