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how to weld loops

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  • 00:00: Hello I wanted to your share and describe how I cook's such a loop in order to they need to digest prepare [music] welds pouring here Such are the records And here we are snatched
  • 01:05: records Now turn over and fight them with these both sides and scald sitting side boned by tack who cooks electrons it is desirable to put so here vertically to slag dripped so well, that we have found they are going to
  • 01:32: please stand attention to the fact that here Now, these places should be stripped ie plane must adhere to the pole and the frame left to expose wherewith a exactly we catch
  • 02:01: three places in the places where you then it will be convenient cutting down after snatched check if all goes well It opens easily removed and dress then you can safely scald the gap between the post frame I did two and a half a millimeter everything if something
  • 02:30: unclear ask question until