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  • 00:00: Hello Dear visitors Site teruro point com in this video tutorial, I would like tell you about how to recover our system that is recovery system to many know this property how to roll back the system but as the saying goes one name and the same meaning the exact name a different meaning and yes the same and so what for a rollback system when need need it then when you are done some serious
  • 00:30: failure in work let the computer We removed some the entire program the computer has become loaded bad work or even it was something Trojan ie the virus and eventually there have been some failures which have it is impossible to return the handle like removed program but the same computer I astray a recently somewhere around half months ago I did not I remember that I set but the entire computer began to get off the there is not clear that creates what may chasm that file there may sharply
  • 01:00: come from nowhere Take in general I thinking how this Trojan I was being serious because Shiva antivirusnik my Kaspersky have not I just noticed I roll back system and rid himself of unnecessary problems from there various re-installation windows from various other Hemorrhoids GOVERNMENTAL cases and so let them tell how to roll back system but before that I would like to to say what I do know what rollback the system can be done windows 7 and windows vista then have they done equally in the same places It is about windows
  • 01:30: xp unfortunately do not know because it was not in me from this but let's check you just look I'm going to do and check if you windows xp, and make sure yes or no, and so to roll back push start system then we go to all program here Now choose choose choose below standard choose a service let us once again you
  • 02:00: show because enough for a someone can be difficult path and confusing start as a click Start, select all programs further We are looking for a folder standard start all at the bottom I see it too, at the bottom of all and at the bottom of the folder further standard click on the folder standard and choose the folder here service that is choose standard folder in the office
  • 02:30: there is such a service inset recovery system here it is yes Now move your mouse click on it recovery system is and actually have the program which sets our if the system crashes a press box continue today you will see the main window and so that's recovery system files and parameters recovery system can troubleshoot slow down or disallow computer recovery the system does not affect the documentation
  • 03:00: images or other personal information It is a process turn so that here you should choose as in the rest of the system is on that moment when you windows work ok that is here is the first choice recommended recovery and select another point establish here now I recommended eleventh November but now I have 11, that is, suppose so what happened He flew at me it's 11 going even You see the time shown
  • 03:31: But if you flew until that time then you can reinstall but my advice anyway Choose early the there yesterday let's roll back or there used to be when It was the last rollback to learn when were last kickbacks do it here select another point recovery and yes press further after then you are invited to here the number that is when they were made recovery point
  • 04:01: Choose here the number of go far deeper do not need to choose let's previous straight and push Further here's proof recovery point Now the time that is here your system after restoration will It works like it was only the ninth the number of the all the bugs failure viruses leave to change We take effect recovery the system will perform spent downloading computer before continuing save all open files and close all program you as a matter of fact
  • 04:30: Click Finish and all I am not going to press because I do not need me as if there is a failure that's the case if you I will breakdown how I spoke again to say than comfortable recovery the system is not must reset windows make some there are extra steps simply select it recovery and she restore you the previous version work is not broken all dry the computer Well it will be good in Basically the whole lesson I I think he was very informative honest
  • 05:00: I am saying I do not know Why did not I took it in my notes it is necessary to It was to remove it before but to let you know see also runs Thank you again for attention to the meeting in the following video lessons yet