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  • 00:09: Hello friends today's video on a topic such as the properly gash fillet corners on ah So for us today need hammer with a drill Bulgarian hammer and screws
  • 00:30: gas in a pipe wrench it was a joke Actually we work need 1 trimming in Tuzla Pencil night I cut fillet knife so conventional kitchen protractor grater sheet of paper you directly on fillets first the method by which I to talk about the most most modern simple ie use a protractor
  • 01:01: Well, now we are talking on unconventionally faguo angle 90 degrees and It is easy for ie slaughter They promised not to believe it is necessary to expose 45 degrees trimming and cut directly the way We measure the angle as the You see the angle here we got a corner 83 degree shall find
  • 01:30: an even number of 84 respectively half 42 expose Our trimmer 42 degrees we put the fillets gash same just another side pepper author quirk is the
  • 02:01: easy way but not always so there is a trimming such as under the arms you leave at some there is an apartment there make pure gold and Vitim and with it may be one four corners of the room Vic for four a pull angle ends in the bore if you make repairs on their forces naturally buy for gold and such a Tool is also no meaning well, and in general as It would be useful to be able to all Doing their own hands so we will
  • 02:32: and other options such as you can do it all ending I'll take yet it does not interfere angle under a simple 45 degrees can washed down with the help of Miter there One caveat means quirk in ace and must lie that was clearly visible adjacent
  • 03:00: his legs to both surfaces that is, it should not not be subjected to this side is not in the side of that is if you turn a bit gold and the angle 45 degrees have not and get the most it is also important It goes for ends the most important thing there should daw clearly adjoin here and here on the service but else just you expose gold and and already planned Artisan slots
  • 03:31: that is cut off With regard to such fine fillets that have you fit in Miter but there are cases when daw example of such a big miter box and small and here's catch that's the angle you know difficult as I I have already said above that is, if you Little tuck it angle you already 45 degree turns what can be done Then, in this case, I have gold and 8
  • 04:01: centimeters of the wall and 6 centimeters necessary not exactly six centimeters download is adjacent ceiling We note this is distance 6 centimeters rock which accustomed to the ceiling foot here, here I am made marker or and when you expose your quirk we We focus on the line respectively you should clear it on the cut line can be do not line up if
  • 04:31: you have a large volume work that is, if This is one room can do just If you have a large the amount of work that can be do here in this place some mortgage only consisting of two parts of it to you I did not get on the line cut and there is a piece of plywood cut there 0s drywall here and paste it here have to have feelings is not cool just not cool respectively We put on the line and cut off cut off debt
  • 05:03: that's turned the corner 45 Now that the degrees As for custom Uglovka how to make on nonstandard I use angles paper sheet again we repeat this We are measuring procedure corner of present our ceiling sheet add up angle that we Now it turns out I
  • 05:33: turned as I will cut this part of the I can not cut it just something convenient would show that there's a we angle is obtained 84 degrees can be measured yes, this is almost 93
  • 06:02: shifting sheet it will be half lines of our joint gold or pencil I use only To this was It is seen in the video is Here is the line that was cut I usually did not I use it here turned stress our walls and a line for which we should cut
  • 06:30: I use again Miter angle amounting Now I take the gold and as she put should stand on the wall and the same to me again tuck in the party not in the fact it must have also be clearly how to say it on the wall and I make the cut at the line
  • 07:03: this way you turn the corner well which is needed in this case 42 degrees that's probably and all the wisdom cutting corners correct and wrong on fillet s hope the video was helpful everyone interested in video I liked not We forget to put Like and to subscribe to channel bye