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Anemia. How to raise hemoglobin natural means?  See details »

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  • 00:04: you must each axis that to tell you what hardware the best thing drunken mother but I bloom and offer you talk about something another approach, but this approach It will give you the best result because those who suffer from anemia associated with iron deficiency food
  • 00:31: Well, I think that they do not looking for information in the Internet because they just Dr. I wrote some iron some drug drank all gone but these people just minority Most people suffers from low hemoglobin and searches how to raise hemoglobin natural means it because standard scheme drug does not works because
  • 01:02: to solve this problem should be to answer the question as why you reduced uptake iron in the body and That's the question regular doctor to answer but he does not want the issue of causes He's just trying to eliminate consequences and we you now talk that from the point of view physiology than the reason may be, I they just list Now no matter how
  • 01:30: surprising but onymi reasons and more just not at all the blood itself but it is also logical but in those that bodies at state blood affect the example if you have liver violation of work liver is broken metal uptake because the metal and all they compete yourself thread iron zinc is ps if competitors violated mineral metabolism in Overall there will be a risk
  • 02:00: onymi one metal is pushes the other the condition of the intestine in it these minerals most absorbed the there is at least obeshsya iron though Dag should you give it as a and often happens before heartburn and assimilated he does not want it iron and I'll Now I tell those natural means that help you get
  • 02:30: iron from food sources in order not to it was necessary taking a horse dose Finally we must not mind here for example anemia of chronic inflammation that is But when me a man comes with rheumatoid such as arthritis consultation had often he is having chronic if inflammation to take medication moreover takes up permanent chemical drug and because But not only on the background rheumatoid
  • 03:00: arthritis exists inflammation in any body inflammation negatively It affects the structure Blood that is, if you constantly ill constantly have a cold you there are a lot of relapses Herpes you constantly chronic sinusitis you do not get out of the disease any inflammation even thrush they constantly drain body and blood circulates chronic toxins inflammation and thereby broken formula blood here's another reason
  • 03:30: that is already the liver chronic intestine inflammation and of Finally there is the fact that generally no doctor will not seek is toxic feedback when we We do analysis trace of hair and the high class is hi-tech analysis that is performed in collaboration with laboratory clinic MOE very few general laboratories are not only in Russia and which do not
  • 04:01: do these analyzes So when we do the analysis, we often we see toxic substances arsenic, lead, aluminum, mercury humans and They may be cause of anemia in such a way as if To sum up the first thing that you need to do if you encounter objective to increase hemoglobin is hold course purification of the body intestines liver blood
  • 04:30: for this there our technique in on system Sakhalin there is a complex deep purification and supply but that the current food itself which comprises for intestinal detox and note By the way there already once you get the vitamins minerals in sufficiently food very origin is not easily digestible We need to have additionally take some synthetic vitamins because spirulina chlorella that there contains other
  • 05:01: substances will not that enhance development will not go into details they provide a wealth of set Plus chlorophyll which itself in itself improves the blood condition Laser 48 intoxicated It contains iron way but iron such combination form Sulfur in combination with herbs are very effectively digestible and easily is transferred
  • 05:30: so to say, in contrast by synthetic forms and finally purification Blood 100 yen Ultra 30 percent and then 60 eliminates interest those toxins inflammatory and plus from potential toxic substances where no matter how they came from food accumulated or thanks I'm bad ecology eliminates 0 stagnant tra toxic substances from the blood with a guarantee and
  • 06:00: thereby reasons for fighting development onymi Of course, there more dependent sometimes forms of anemia when they are associated with deficiency of vitamin b12 folic acid but I'm told you about cases which classical ways that you doctor recommended not helped that is, if you hold on the cleansing of the body
  • 06:30: background like these difficult situations in many cases have this will enough that you yourself We felt more it will alert you see literally 2 of the week If you have a deep desire understand the situation make the analysis of hair and microelements eliminate serious toxic effect your blood be excluded parasites they too it can cause
  • 07:00: I have to get rid from parasites system Sakhalin also has its own method you can read about it on site of the complex the purification pro who I am now told you you can read just download the booklet there will be dozens of pages It is written in detail all ingredients described all the action as take this very just in the past month anyway so I do not seen a man which Baba then himself not started feel and
  • 07:30: performance at the is not increased to digestion at is not have improved in the background this complex Therefore, in any if it is useful to Well will still have You some kind of a complex case has combined with adopted medicines that it can cause I have there with hormones and so on e.g. ie the standard Our technique is not suitable time seek advice but start with a simple fact that for every person is suitable It is a complex
  • 08:00: purification