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  • 00:00: Good day This novel legenky kitchen with you today we will examine the new classic recipe French recipe strictly speaking it is crafty cream soup or just onion soup why France It considered the most best kitchen I I will answer you on that question The fact is that the French are very cool They know how to get to one product maximum flavor
  • 00:30: maximize the and submit it to a form you admire it from it e.g. archery you can do this delicious eg soup here as a matter of fact why France is such a great country and it such a great [music] in order to cook onion Soup us with you It needs a whole
  • 01:00: Mountain onions very well if it is different, you can take bulb White take a leek little shallots perhaps even red Well if you want it there is, in principle, than More than onions more varieties of onions so he will rich taste of it I today take for our prescription only and white onions [music] in addition to onions take a couple garlic cloves a sprig of thyme add to this around a glass of wine prepare a little
  • 01:31: water and spices and to submit it maximally in French take a piece of baguette sprinkle it cheese and bake together with me let's start our process take the pan preheat it to average temperature a little oil olive refined or in a mixture of sunflower with extra virgin approximately 50 to 50 to heat the oil the average temperature then lower to this oil sprig
  • 02:00: thyme and a few garlic cloves fry for A maximum of 2 minutes after that garlic is no longer needed thyme also We send in an urn with garlic we've got fragrant oil on where we start fry onion and for our looks to posed smiling faster that is, roasted a little bit faster podsolit and its salt pull moisture and respectively onions becomes faster soft although you already have We have known for many to program the time has come
  • 02:30: forward [music] After you saturate your oil aromas of garlic and thyme filled our wonderful bow and are absolutely randomly cut salted it naturally until well mixed Now increase plate temperature to roasted onion Xia and in any case not cooked it should grill
  • 03:00: [music] friends was exactly 10 minutes and my bow fry it light brown color, and it is now ready to accept yourself wine but in general on the I actually think bad drink on the camera is very you pour a glass
  • 03:31: wine at about half a kilogram bow and give evaporate alcohol for 30 seconds alcohol evaporates very quickly and we will need to add water if you feel that the pairs of pans no more this means that the bitter soup left alcohol and can broth can be administered taken as broth chicken vegetable or just take regular water pour onion on
  • 04:00: centimeter water onion water centimeter After you your soup filled with water he must give boil boil it in minute then strengthen it with the salt and pepper sugar already you know with the help of then bring to a taste and can be submit [music] in today's soup we We will not add cream will not
  • 04:30: interrupt him blender as it did before ie this course if you add cream pereb'ete cream of onion blender, it will Delicious one hundred percent cream is always a hundred I urge percent you cook delicious soup just to wine is really much brighter it is more interesting and it's closer to the classics so now we soluble oil We decorate our soup cool well, let's have we will eat [music]
  • 05:03: hell yeah but delicious and of course tastier catalog [music] with you today we have prepared classic crafty French soup it is light brown colors, and you let it not intimidated he is to be Onion contains a lot of sugar and when you fry and
  • 05:30: sugar begins caramelized on it and built this magnificent recipe cook with I cook better me until we meet again and line kitchen Like SUBSCRIPTION yet