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How to grow up a kiwi at the dacha

How to grow up a kiwi at the dacha  See details »

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  • 00:00: Actinidia Chinese a well-known us and the kiwi tropical plant and in Russian climate, it does not hibernate but Actinidia kolomikta relative kiwi can grow and we pay such colorful sweet juicy fruit actinidia contain a lot of vitamin c their It can be used as fresh and cook compote and jelly or can zasushivat and use standard time In addition to fruits actinidia contains specific
  • 00:30: active substance din which favorably affects the body work books and human planted and how decorative plant this Far whether it will cover fence or a beautiful vj trellis growing it live slowly one place can 50 years so choose right where it is place suitable little shade winter accumulates a lot of snow at landing in decorative purposes apply large male plants for their great decorative
  • 01:00: produce fruit in the same basically thrown female plants to Actinidia good fruit and need to save female plants implanting two male multiplies Actinidia seeds and propagated by cuttings green and Actinidia woody cuttings and slips in May enough a sprig prikopat sprinkle soil or humus
  • 01:31: and secure in this position future together prishpilivaniem will appear to the roots autumn is already possible turn over permanent place Actinidia Plant in the spring before blooming kidney and after planting and and be sure pour Zamulchiruyte peat litter or humus after planting plant immediately tie themselves guides or thread
  • 02:00: He hammered on the trellis then reduced to a maintenance field hoeing fertilizing the soil spring making and complex fertilizer with after watering fruiting enough feed plant one and two spoons cutlery superphosphate and 1 tablespoon potassium salt in I need a trimming trimming Actinidia converge to removal patients broken and thickening shoots and and is best done in
  • 02:32: May early June when over much movements and to to avoid abundant selection juice and draining bearing plants fruit branch it is desirable to update every 2-3 years must be cut also to cover garden pitch for the winter whether it is necessary to cover at a temperature below minus 30 degrees it is not He begins to impose fruit buds and snow and ideas on growing trellis and harbors, together with
  • 03:00: this design taken trellis and falls on the ground and on top of it all mulch layer sawdust in April mary hiding place need dig out and put a trellis with Actinidia if you follow these recommendations of plants can shoot three kilograms of fruit as they quickly but lend themselves to better to put a material to little Kevin They were on the ground of the fruit of actinidia make jam and compotes and jams dried
  • 03:30: or just eat in fresh