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Bezdrozhzheva useful bread (flat cake) in house conditions. Step-by-step instruction  See details »

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  • 00:02: We make delicious and useful for bread take this Sieve-utensils bowl and utensils take salt letter cereal and a spoon then take a simple our main knives the individual must be whole-wheat flour and
  • 00:30: just to him and then Now can any Now take corn I can spoon about what kind of buckwheat you have on your other professionals all now proseem enrich oxygen for this Now do we really lush good add the girl here oatmeal because
  • 01:00: it turns out a very small fish good hlebushek Wheat bran is also Two buns roses take some salt where the half teaspoon soda at the tip of the knife revealed the tip knives or even that get half teaspoon spoon, too, everything is although that will mix we had a homogeneous to have a good set of I stirred the all quite some flour it's there
  • 01:31: Now add kefir jack immediately much if he does not little account will shows how much we need and pour kefirchik once to add Vegetable oil we add cheese pressure two spoons will be enough Now all of a spoon it is good and take
  • 02:02: is turned off, as it were yes yes it one cabochons uniform was consistency this all neatly I slept creepy seredinku all cases we do do if We saw the bowl here need to add little yogurt we add another a little bit of yogurt and all back quickly quickly here so we collect everything we turned
  • 02:30: homogeneous intervene spoon after he had little can here Spill it Now gathered much of a then we will stir by hand Again the same hands
  • 03:06: intervene quickly But if you got watery you not upset add flour plain flour ordinary post strong long vymeshivat it is necessary to those who not huddled there was turiyu
  • 03:33: just a few minutes of his rolled-up until the ball is going to be our hlebushek why we leave it buys hlebushek somewhere in half an hour so that it is well to stand worked gluten to all these other
  • 04:15: obtained We leave it as Cover dish lid deliver
  • 04:30: 5 cups of rest and Half an hour had already passed Now we have raised pikat our cake I take our girl I do read thick it's just a little finger in so we will do us that we are very inside a little soul
  • 05:01: it will be even well with anyone. we poured on minimum fire that there was nowhere very heavy fire and here who electric furnace itself lazy set if someone need gas It means doing the best Minimum slightly add now
  • 05:31: We leave this this cone for 10 minutes note the time is 10-12 minutes differently 10 minutes have passed watch your hlebushek it is perfectly us climbed a very sympathetic look what beautiful crust is just good crust door turn Turn it over and 10 will again may leave It will be even faster 8 minutes we post be viewed here
  • 06:01: and all of our hoarse 10 minutes passed despite its cake when towers it perfectly I am ready to take her and perelazhivaem NASA sprig multiply Cover with doily and close it polotenechkom or some other tissue that you have a well open to What are doing to hlebushek our ripe open it and We reserve somewhere in the hour let it
  • 06:31: matures An hour passed and we See our bread unwrap him that we've got it you see the beautiful hlebushek we now we have to my coupe perfectly drink with our bread great beautiful hlebushek Now all I have them ready
  • 07:00: Bon Appetit and be healthy and Remember to subscribe to our feed