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The brownie Kuzka In this lesson I show how to make Kuzka - one more option of the brownie, and also - new technology of production of a wig for a toy. All patterns are available on...

The brownie Kuzka In this lesson I show how to make Kuzka - one more option of the brownie, and also - new technology of production of a wig for a toy. All patterns are available on...  See details »



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  • 00:01: [music] [applause] Good day dear Friends today video I show you how Now sew this funny funny domovenka Kuzyu you need need socks cotton skin color needed fabric with stripes in checkered trousers on
  • 00:32: linen shirt on burlap on to make sandals here is a piece for fur and news here such bottle liter from under dairy products and City he coiling for the manufacture of body must take plastic bottle 1 liter and cut her
  • 01:00: part of the middle part necessary the bottle is necessary fill newspaper join them to a height of at we've got 14 I centimeters bottle obtyanuli two cotton socks and I turned body our capacious home Now I will tell you how to make just such a leg spatula for
  • 01:31: it is necessary to take terry cloth I I took the old towel like this screw it to fix it It does not spin So I twisted towel cemented and now you just need to make your feet for this as well wrap
  • 02:01: here just hem that turned leg with feet for manufacture stuffed stockings need to take cotton sock fix the pattern and typewritten not stitch touching the paper then cut off the excess What do you get here a sock turn and put on
  • 02:31: leg of burlap We need to cut rectangle size of 15 to 30 fold it like this in half again folded in half here stitch on I stitch machine and then be like that a little more pyatochku turn for scribbling there you are and then tuck
  • 03:04: so here suture needle forward for range flash to Now it happened in We repeat once again so here and tuck So sew seam forward by one needle . We need to sew rope ties
  • 03:31: both sides now, we by . We need to fix on the leg so the theme here like this I turned up and ready to stitch the legs you need to sew the body
  • 04:06: I sewed and legs Now I will tell you how flash handles it is necessary to take flesh-colored socks fix the pattern pen and typewriter not stitch touching on paper then loop disconnect cut
  • 04:33: before reaching the seam somewhere millimeter March 2 turn piece and fill synthetic padding Now I'll show you how flash fingers for this should be inserted double-grandfather without thread nodule fix this thread so that at the end was Collar and about Now it will be one finger 2 3 4 Now fasten thread
  • 05:03: without knot just here loop I introduce myself a needle tightens and starts first stitch finger just suture needle forward We need to reach well-pulling a thread
  • 05:40: Then you need to like this Now back here in this point and well tighten and sew filled it forward needle filling in here these here gap that It forms a solid the first joint police
  • 06:02: pierced need now pass through sintepon by the width of 2 fingers begin to flash second toe seam forward needle ready to handle necessary sew to the body
  • 06:31: Trouser I chose here a striped fabric you need to carve out two details with allowances to carve out their joints mirror display and flash First fold here These and Circuits stitch on then you need a typewriter part leg
  • 07:00: inserted into each another turn here one item on the front side and insert all neatly to spread and to make stepper seam on machine stitch
  • 07:37: ready trousers need mounted on the body domovonka shirt I will sew a linen shirt fabric sewn according to the principle of children's undershirts this is how it looks pattern then you need So there was a flash
  • 08:01: side seams handle sleeves shirttail ready shirt needed wear on the body and It can be issued as a Savard wheelbarrow a stitch here color feechku and then make small stands for the manufacture of heads need from us to
  • 08:31: to do so by the heel in the juicy part and at bat and synthetic padding I stuffed a sock rounds Silicone and now need here is a ball it will insert nose we therefore this patient's so here is a nose
  • 09:07: here's just tighten thread because then perhaps we still tamp here date hole and tighten Now will show you how make the needle nose We need to thread without this node not to double fly to at the end of
  • 09:30: one was loop fix without thread and knot you need flash nose just in loop and make 2-3 stitch direct designated bridge then need
  • 10:00: needles note here wings of the nose where we will be here the nostrils pull up and start sew nostrils It means to have like this wrap around these needles and that's out of this point you need to enter But in the top left of the
  • 10:31: bottom right and pull well tighten thread more like that of the nose portion Now on the left bottom in the upper right point insert the needle and
  • 11:00: pull up well here to have the needles you can get away sintepon and more like that again pull up and you can do the same operation again so because at this point lead from this point well
  • 11:30: and pull the thread from here this point to introduce at this point the thread good good to pull at We had a lo a big nose Now potatoes We need more time to sew straight nose stitches come out here the top point pull up the nose not here not tighten withdraw
  • 12:02: the back of you can not simply tightening and fasten thread Now you can shape cheeks for this I where we have designated are points where will be the eyes and where Here is the mouth of the the upper right point We need very deep
  • 12:30: enter through sintepon and a loaf of bread here in the lower right point well pull make a small stitch and enter again this point so from this point You can enter the top left point well
  • 13:01: well and pulling from this point the top to the bottom right make a small stitch back upper left point you can igolochki get well and tighten I received here here need
  • 13:30: knock out sintepon to chin mark like this should have and now you can embroider mouth it needs fasten thread without making the knot a straight stitch in the this point leave in the middle of a
  • 14:04: make a small to stitch Now fix this straight stitch large and come here under chin that came here and is not without tightening and here to fix I get this thread so that the person was even more expressive need again
  • 14:30: work out area eyes and chin then fasten thread without knot nodule not slipped and through sintepon deep pass here chin here in this point to tighten do here stitch
  • 15:00: re-enter this point do so much a straight stitch and that's So sew how to pull a changing expression so without breaking the thread We need to get into this the point here is also make
  • 15:32: straight stitch bulkhead I would I Amatán Municipality pull up to here It is turned expression now I show how quickly ears do need
  • 16:01: take two pieces syntepon identical there to take a sock Here is such a delay that's really the so Moto with thread
  • 16:38: cut here obtained such a and the ball is now needed sew straight stitches so walk on the edge of the ear
  • 17:02: straight stitches pass on the edge of the ear and then straight stitches again Now fill in the intervals once again go through that It turned out shoes. I ask and It happened here is
  • 17:30: second ear ear need to do just ears need to sew well head at the level of Eye lashes need embroider straight stitches eyes like make eyes see my master class ready eyes you need to paste that's then embroider eyebrow
  • 18:02: to embroider eyebrows need to fill without thread and knot to do just straight stitch
  • 18:30: and here you can not CUT thread to here above the second eyebrow as direct stitch and here you are bursting tie on exit that's part of the occipital loosely fasten thread there head need to sew
  • 19:00: sew to the body so that the chin issued and forward start to sew round shirt to collect out ahead of the needle neck and pull a seam forward needle
  • 19:34: collar stand needed fix so on neck turns we have shirt blouse for hair I use It is not the length of the pile here Pattern for wig it must first it looks as sew hats noise sew over the edge
  • 20:00: and make your way here sew get here this wig cap You need to sew the head for this and marker I draw a line and You will not see, and that's We begin to sew on the head of the line then you need a wig here so turn away
  • 20:32: and secured to the neck and here hem but now it needs to be little mow because they strongly length of pile pile it and
  • 21:05: I left home around rumyanit dry rouge little can browned in order to added was still ok it can be fun put freckles marker
  • 21:40: hands domovonka should be given a bag how to put a bag coin to prosperity and luck and garlic from evil of force protection thanks that They were with me subscribe to my channel so as not to miss the news I wish you all good luck