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  • 00:00: Hello hello today my son Leon and I emma grandmother Salmon bake coat red fish very tasty and Useful salmon salt from smoked cooked on the coals and Bake in the oven We offer you a prescription superb dining salmon for 10 minutes
  • 00:32: first of all prepare the cream garlic sauce we place the bowl 150 grams of sour cream add half teaspoon tea spoons salt floor spoon pepper 1 clove extrude garlic and all is well mix expensive friends subscribe to our Channel place husky leave
  • 01:00: no comments ask no questions Remember to click on bell near subscribe button to receive information about all our new video 1 kg of sauce prepared salmon fillet and my obsushivayut chop transversely on April 3 piece spread on pan lined with paper Baking skin down grease
  • 01:30: cream sauce and strew with bread breadcrumbs we need about 40 grams of bread crackers Friends, a book favorite cake and grandmother, MI This book includes Thirty-two recipe Our favorite cakes our family is author's recipes famous recipes known throughout the cakes and a lot of the world we with pleasure We worked on
  • 02:00: the creation of this book and hope that buying it You'll get enjoy the style in which she written from photos and the most important from cakes you cook we are confident that together this book is your house gets particle our warmth and love Buy books by reference herein in electronically or orders field important factor
  • 02:30: free shipping Worldwide cook with soul and pleasure inspiration to you and good luck bake salmon at fur coat preheated oven at temperature 200 10-12 degrees Celsius minutes ready salmon We take out of the oven spread on plates using blades leave skin
  • 03:01: We serve on a baking sheet and very juicy and delicious and beautiful fish with potatoes baked in the oven or other garnish of your choice potatoes recipe baked in the oven and other recipes side dishes you will find on our website section garnishes Good luck and enjoy
  • 03:32: appetite