UVLED Repair of a lamp for drying varnish gel  See details »

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  • 00:02: hello before you develop uba apparatus for drying a gel varnish who do not know this for women's fingernails paint ball of gel varnish of UV ultraviolet lamp it is shorter dries so briefly tell principle of work I'm here for something shorter opened the essence of the following means here
  • 00:32: Now he counts indicator while So they see the radiators plate aluminum, and here we have LED's this is not exactly understand what it is or 1 cotton or cotton 3 something like that's in short, they do not work here sensor
  • 01:01: so this is our transmitting it we taking shorter photocell hand here I push it works more precisely here so this is how it turns on and starts counting including LEDs begin to dry shorter does not work has stopped working As always the worst possible moment and a stink now I'll show you that
  • 01:32: there was a stink this is a zener diode 744 and around 11 volts volt 15 volt written there shorter datasheet He tells us that 11 volts it stabilizes short he It stinks and I Gaugeable resistance 3 ohm here and there that's its power supply 12
  • 02:07: half volt amp rack I have a blog and laboratory pilchen I will turn it and a half volts rises and he was already half an ampere shows Cossack Now it will desoldering zener then try to understand that what goes on like I do not quite understand how I do not know I do not see circuitry
  • 02:32: Ahab is no problem now as always this thing can anyone have and then nothing much here to be I do not know where not to write anything so signed where choke connected on the go for it as a designer'm going to unsolder 3 party try at least for the voltage submit necessary to find out what's behind voltage must be why he burned
  • 03:02: here it is roasted at peak charge Now it is necessary to clean and here it is beautiful Th should be something to look for an analogue viewed in it is clear that the Internet in general, Cheap it is necessary to wait for the coming month
  • 03:34: invent something going 3 volts applied but how many lights do not apply I know and then immediately goes out 3 ampere current floor volt ampere floor I will go to 5 volts is 5 volts and 2 amps nifiga all the works as no
  • 04:00: tablet puxing 5 volt amperes 2 glow voltage 535 only practically no 2 Amperes 19 shows 2 ampere the interests of both should be a pro-life means
  • 04:33: guys rustled and a little bit so to speak on the internet looked polazil means I can say now connected 12 volt power supply in general is out here turns 11 volts at a penny LEDs are 11 a penny connecting 5 volts, too, with 11 of a penny goes
  • 05:04: get out of order zener as it turns out protection that is his 15 volts limits beyond which he stupidly closes thus maintains the scheme until we learned about today do not have to defend him Nothing can so if you go here
  • 05:30: more stress is something burn zener diode I probably aliekspresse it is generally the rest due to faulty zener I do not know apparently I do not know can hurt to get poked it another man for more than 15 volts Why can sniff 24 because, as way connector looks like it seems to me from Laptop similar book and shoved it
  • 06:04: not 12 volts and on the sides of this came zener diode which blocked nafig Now the road will hold another experience I or rather not experience at the current set limit 10 amperes more interested in the load, I gave 12 V is in the standby mode, so to speak
  • 06:30: 13 shows milliampere hour to give 1 load and 3 amperes generally normal at 12 volts and 1 amp power supply 3 we only had 1 and 5 amperes and in general all ok now charging Singh by connecting 5 volts 5 volts and current consumption in our 10's 12 milliamps
  • 07:03: it svidetsya indicators in principle all to give 5 volt load 1 and 9 it almost 2 amps eats here so