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Second lesson MK Valentine's Day card.

Second lesson MK Valentine's Day card.  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello dear mistress Today is the second homework assignment from us creating valentines Today we cut out from the base Penoplex for this we need a little line segment Penoplex further pattern we will knife Penoplex pencil line sandpaper will need to trim
  • 00:32: anyway ND on corrugated paper primary and decor here are a pair of scissors tools and materials to us today need Here's a pattern we mean devils rectangle 17 centimeters height 20 centimeters in width Gelika it in half to 10 centimeters and fits into his heart here yet then let's here it this smeryayu
  • 01:08: the distance still to make you more comfortable here two and a half it's been two and a half later I will write beautifully and will send that you can draw a pattern here themselves can print, I will send it to you Now do this here and cover you already and we impose on penoplex
  • 01:40: so here and we delineate here I would have first cut with a knife in his square even uncomfortable it will show here as well then we will cut to drafted his heart if properly Holding the cut knives
  • 02:11: properly cut and for this we It should be comfortable it is possible even to us and the sandpaper will not need at first [music] [music] knife
  • 02:41: keep perpendicular to the surface here And so here I'll start this is in general that the most important point if properly keep the spoons from the knife, too, can that depends on what kind of look I have it thin blade small steps here I am already far
  • 03:11: left can be even more small nipples so cut and a check here clean cut seen but a great cross-section than if all doing even without the need to correct emery paper continue to do well, that's what we've got and if we
  • 03:41: Attach here candy that would certainly Region in general would have to be straight will not strengthen the candy on the side but nevertheless it is necessary to learn to do qualitatively see here a little bit here place as to learn to do everything when it becomes a habit already the other can not and so then we need a straight cut this is the place we podshkurim now we have our valentinochka
  • 04:13: frome Nenko I krasivenkaya then I will on all sides it and decorate first white paper but it is not necessarily be white paper is It may be green and red brown and what you have below the underside of the I also for decorating the white paper then cut the two parts form heart with an allowance centimeter
  • 04:44: Circuits are the two outlines and cut in We have further We begin to stick then you can see not to be mistaken here and so were assigned to centimeter q we did so here and so can be seen enlightens here and so here it is possible so You do not need much glue because glue is then
  • 05:30: prevents stick skewers toothpicks if there wire in general stebelochek then uncomfortable stick so far it is not necessary here glue here and so the edge Well, there is literally a flourish I put here so then I prefer Now this edge trim immediately afterwards will look neater but it again as for the future, too, to keep in mind is sometimes
  • 06:03: is that we are not here we decorate It will be decorated for another but sometimes is that we are not savages ru and here it can be seen that enlighten paper It is seen uneven seam we ate huge kim krasivenky it should Circuits that are cut and we
  • 06:36: we were cut out heart and here and so from all angles and bends the bottom side in the same way glue that's all clean and neatly bokovushechku left for the tank and a spoon on the plus I have three centimeters so I cut off a strip of stretchy
  • 07:06: side three centimeters here rushed to So we crawled and you can not drawing can be seen by the way here so a little bit less of the strip can be navigate and cut into cut length is less than the actual length than the measurement of
  • 07:37: perimeter because we do it leave schiesya side and therefore have We are all still throw We will all be tightened need to do a low junction greater if you the debris is nothing wrong any time you can attach the strip
  • 08:09: then we still have everything to be decorated for tied up phase can not pull strongly much as I have already said, all the same because that we will have for the decorated and so around the perimeter glue that's what we've got in Basically today is exactly what we need We had to make the cut and decorate
  • 08:40: crepe paper Paper basis for valentines will be very glad if you show me your Valentine Points are already in the process of work in our group bouquets of sweets to the marina especially virgin created for this album and I have to today Creative success to you and see you soon bye Bye