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PO-ARMYANSKI PASTRAMI Very simple and tasty recipe from Inga Avak  See details »

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  • 00:06: [music] Hello to you Senor today will cook for Armenian side is jerky fillet of beef cook meat accessible easily and now firmly show trial I like cooking itself on the cake dismay [music]
  • 00:40: necessary [music] for cooking basturma me a kilo of beef and Salt the meat should not fat, without streaks, without I film all processed meat
  • 01:00: Now clear me be divided meat along the grain on two pieces of [music] such two piece It happened before you need to pickle meat before pickle meat you need meat pin or fork or wooden skewer shelf [music]
  • 01:35: life per kilogram I need meat 600 700 grams of salt to the bottom ware pour salt half [music] I spread pieces of meat and salt already on top of falling asleep the remaining salt [music]
  • 02:04: already prepared Now I put away or in a cool place or in Refrigerate for three days necessary every day merge juice that will stand and I flip the pieces meat merged juice turned pieces of meat and send another day refrigerator passed three days of meat Now prosolilos I need
  • 02:30: rinse thoroughly meat under running water [music] now need to Place meat in a bowl with water on Half an hour passed half an hour good will discuss meat and send it by Press the meat already in full I sewed and is wrapped in thick paper towel and send
  • 03:02: under the press as the press is I have a pot of water plastic bottles water on dispatch one day I leave on one day under pressure and a few hours change my napkins have ears because the neighbor soak yourself always excess moisture I began meat is under the press and out of the weights in Tanya this took the form
  • 03:31: Now at the top need to do small aperture Here I Floss then to hang the meat is stewed and to do this through opening or conduct thread or string in I monofilament meat It can already be ready hang hang hour dry in ventilated indoors approximately three day then only
  • 04:00: I prepare a mask meat Three days passed meat enough I put out a year Now I need to prepare a mask meat for this I I cooked here Spice 1 tablespoon spoon ground black pepper 1 tablespoon ground coriander 3 tablespoons than Whether it is fenugreek 3 tablespoons of fenugreek six tablespoons paprika seven cloves of garlic and water now everything
  • 04:30: Ingredients lecturing hood I add a little water I will add to the consistency of thick sour cream [music] I add a little bit more water [music] all that is necessary to the project better to spend in blender to weight It was homogeneous [music]
  • 05:01: this paste it turns fragrant added a little more water [music] well Mix all will already lubricated well daubed all sides the meat to fully cover this paste
  • 05:34: [music] all this is applied evenly [music]
  • 06:01: necessary [music] no [music] [music] all will hang to dry 3-4 days
  • 06:30: [music] surface basturma I have dried up dried we see plastered in meat 4 days [music] [music]
  • 07:02: [music] basturma ready I hope you like recipe cook all enjoy your meal subscribe to my until we meet channel
  • 07:31: [music] mother no.