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  • 00:04: hello my dear friends and today at the request of my girls on Channel Natalia me I asked the cook gruel gruel I cook usually if there is to outdoor but this year and could not show in the open fire so I prepare to host on the shoulder of the entrance to the house I cook at home
  • 00:30: it is also sometimes a new get a very fat so I I am preparing his course winter but I try although it rarely gruel we love is all very Kulish I will now prepare not a thick he can prepare be someone me judge but the fact gruel that everything is ready differently Kulish do itself Statement this mess but I do not I know how anyone but our company our family, we We used to prepare
  • 01:00: watery gruel I soaked millet here where that half a glass millet can hardly more than half a cup I need to three-liter cauldron two sweet pepper I always put sweet pepper piece course bacon 1 onion carrots and stew in I Belarusian beef stew by the way is very tasty nice stew here one meat can still
  • 01:31: cook in chicken and gruel is also too get a very I will prepare delicious ever from chicken gruel but today I will cooking with canned meat and Now we need Bell pepper Peel the onions already cleaned we can cut finely fat I'll show you your option very Ouliasha delicious turns gruel and under way a glass of very OK
  • 02:01: it is watery Kulish yes and no washi tells the cat in tells me standing as it does not not very liquid quite the average why because when you drink and morning always want which is well possible say life cola pohlebat and they also have a snack very good and the and generally liquid Kulish us a lot to me It tastes better than empty porridge that
  • 02:30: not provernesh spoon how he supik 1 can be obtained as a and immediately the second its use in the general for all occasions You can say itself We need to cut finely coarsely strongly cut is not necessary shkurochku possible cut but I here it is very thin I was skin and do not crop it will smell like it we gruel not stake here is quite and thin and do not have You can say it simply as a svinyushku
  • 03:00: watered Here and now we are very ship on fire We send in cauldron here such a breeder I have always been his in cauldron glasses even at home cooking fat can be help so I do not want so much fat he This was why I you Allah the camp and Now we need you fry was not quite easy to she gave the juice and your fat gave and there we throw the onions and carrot carrots we now, too, and will cut
  • 03:31: will cut the onion finely and carrot half grater rubbed on the way when we go to the sally and I know that we will cook Kulish I vegetables preparing the house and pepper and I rubbed carrot brush cut into home potatoes potatoes add up I myself lights package cook potatoes gruel and to come I have everything ready Only in the cauldron throws and everything
  • 04:01: carrots and love does not cut it grate of gruel I love her then cut gruel get a very beautiful and when morkovochka comes across pieces it is much nicer than when the tank and cooks you can even cut beautiful if semicircles small carrot or if the rings it is quite a nice little
  • 04:30: and bell peppers, too, we need to grind and I see here tossed fat fat here I have you roasted zashkvar a chick now I I put here onion and carrot sweet pepper I have it all she would over high heat is do everything so as to fire at us if if you take on a fire to cook it I reduce Hans therefore it is better when it roasts all I quickly added, measles half a spoon
  • 05:02: your favorite seasoning ordeal shuffled and a couple of minutes high heat is not should fry should simply Then and carrot must give their color and flavor, and it will such a beautiful orange sunny gruel we will I prepared I accrued potatoes 3 good potatoes bunny you cut
  • 05:31: pieces and flooded I water the water flooded in order to potatoes allocated his way from starch one diabetes potatoes need always soak in preferably even water the night is diabetics but I always does the starch is not I got us food and then I millet for both You already showed a bus soaked with water dance your bitterness minutochek so on
  • 06:00: 20 it is necessary to soak and just had offered but then rinse crucify wash it the water It was clear to Now where can already sent pour potatoes Vodicka and leave to cook until the ROV to cooked potatoes sent here potatoes and pour water poured a little water so
  • 06:31: beautiful we bright orange get it now should reach until boiling salted we do not need to fill in then when we Potatoes times we seethe otherwise Potatoes will be long cook cooked and all it boils Cover with lid and cook until tender potatoes and potatoes and we have brought it up semireadiness he was soft but not collapses like and now you can see a here you can send
  • 07:00: porridge but good bus and couples or send now cauldron and take Now jar corned beef, and here are we you need to put our stew and now even 15-20 minutes for to fall apart Figure or rather not rice and millet I spoke sometimes I can now a little salt the not accurately overdone because here and here and saunas
  • 07:30: stew better and then deliver After we add the pepper laurel By the way, you can add Now and then in the end simply pull out and why throw because on Progress gives bitterness if he stays in you will tons of bitterness so rude Article I always take out I boil it and then at the end of pull we cover all cap shrouded Now slowly languishing minutochek
  • 08:01: twenty-passed literally 20 minutes and our millet gruel ready we have already prepared it I have already seethe Well now I I will add here eat chicken chicken broth Che chicken broth seasoning it dry I love soup here add it here so empty he is now infusions and
  • 08:31: this will not greatly not thick book is not super porridge and something medium I am more just like this gruel very beautiful very fragrant I turned and the last bar we need Add the greens here or eat or do I here are frozen greens if someone there is a private house you can make a fire and there are literally 2 cobs throw that they burned and
  • 09:01: here dip the police can Pour 50 grams of vodka if you cook it Men are very delicious way alcohol is evaporated and vodka taste It remains with me to Unfortunately I do not have vodka I would nalilos here bit OS vodka It will be quite different so that it can be I now turn off turn it off Cover let it configure themselves not
  • 09:30: Remember to pull out Bay leaf but it is so beautiful obtained and to give it can be a la carte By the way, I really like you just with croutons and I often on a sortie If we cook gruel I receive ready Grelochka croutons on 9 and Body and garlic just for this game. delicious gruel it turns out that all pleasant appetite I think that I am your request granted prepare a
  • 10:00: Kulish at home and you you will not regret very delicious and your family will be very close pleased they all dish Bon Appetit subscribe me on the channel and will prepare you write together leave your their wishes I have no comments necessarily make whatever you ask all until we meet again and Bon Appetit bye Bye