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Slippers 38 - 39 the size connected by spokes

Slippers 38 - 39 the size connected by spokes  See details »

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  • 00:17: Hello dear friends today's video I I want to show you how I linked here such Basically that's slippers I had no room for yourself Video did not want do and then think and suddenly be
  • 00:30: ask about how it salts and possible a reference remove the video but I'm 2 slippers and shooting video it is a matter of your knit it or not 1 knit cap, we there's so noisy It looks instead to the very fit unpretentious here only recession not sandpipers purl hinges largely facial 1 here at wrong side we knit purl Basically it loops modelka she is
  • 01:00: universal firstly it It rests easily in Secondly, they are very comfortable on foot if knit 2 strings Tony is very warm and I I see thousands of thousands people knit and girls slippers and such method and is very satisfied and very Many models can be developed on the basis of so here it is in such circuit Knitting These are knitted tighter also I think the same model to only can
  • 01:31: be a little less loops or numbers We had been a little less strings so no We received less the size of my 38 39 they are drawn this in my 37 38 Knitting is also a principle Tie is the same many changes color and changes here risunochki here are slippers today we will you knit me means see threads of you 2
  • 02:00: addition I have now this call does not. it at me here such here spokes It recommended four four and a half 100 grams of three hundred and ten or 150 m 160 m 100 grams so it and little tonkovat I took two strings and the same but I have been in Space is not the same, I went rewound and now also take two 7 strings I started
  • 02:32: greyish strings I knit on knitting shemku I will now I tell this shemku 38 size 2 39 nitochki speccy me three half recruit 58 number of loops 1 and 2 we knit facial 3 series knit 1 edge front nakida twenty six facial naked facial 2 sc twenty-six
  • 03:00: facial sc 1 The front and the lip 3 April number of impotence 5 6 and taking facial so Further as a result when we add these we loop increased due to these here we nakida add the 1 2 3 4 5 1 4 loop that is 20 loops We recruited 58 this turns 78 here we designation of here badges so we were binding
  • 03:32: sole stop here kadrik provyazyvaem sole I knit them here at my sole seventy eight loop tail at me on the right side and was 1 2 3 4 5 6 backstitches tracks 6 backing tracks enough for at a a mistake then I took the same greyish knit thread one row on the front
  • 04:00: side of the front of seamy Wrong then I He took the pink thread on the front side facial on seamy Wrong then and he repeated twice more greyish brown two rows of thread and pink thread two times repeat facial and Wrong here we We tied this one here podemchik from the sole and here are the sole we are podemchik bound multicolored now we see what we were binding
  • 04:31: more then I took blue paper thread I I hope you are all Knit the most number I spoke strings you I said what I have and now we will knit and further and provyazyvaem with you now 35 loops January 2 3 4 5
  • 05:09: 6 7 8 9 1011 1213 14 15 16
  • 05:36: 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 time pad
  • 06:08: so 33 34 35 mated 35 hinges now we 8 knit loops spout 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  • 06:37: so now we have eight 2 knit together one seamy but turn over petelechku First we first simply deduct and that we swap and two provyazyvaem together and The race is and even loops 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  • 07:14: 8 and 2 together knit wrong on turn around 123
  • 07:31: 4 5 6 7 8 and 9 which press 2 together sagged then we turn the second loop just 1 dress and two provyazyvaem together but purl We unwrap knit purl 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  • 08:09: 10 and we provyazyvali 2 together and Now knit together one wrong and Now we are 10 loops mastic will write We here on the bridge then 10 loops now we
  • 08:31: cut off pink thread which we have been so nets can go alternate at Cape key will each be opened alternate stripes extended invented each of the rows of April 1 knit until narrowed and now we write passing
  • 09:01: alternating between the two strip so we 200 provyazyvaem it Now retake knit facial 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 shooting 2 we swap
  • 09:30: you need to stop vectors dissolve the series provyazyvaem seamy and on the wrong side of knit purl 10 stitches
  • 10:01: and 2 together purl Now change the color strings take greyish and just knit 2 rows
  • 10:30: no and I had to disband because it is here stone cat beds right on knitting It gave the US available thought it not to associate I got it hands clutching enough thread so I had it chase start knit again dismiss the fact that in the Right behind you with images that it does not I drove prevented 2 together here so one purl well, so girls we were binding only 10 loops
  • 11:00: adding to the sides provyazyvaya to 2 loops together and I knitted up As long as I have left on the spokes 40 6 loops 46 enough I went to the foot that they do not dangling on a stalk I like that here at 5 or 46 Byron I have on the channel you You can find slippers for wide feet
  • 11:31: go playlist slippers where I have a lot slippers different the size of the different styles also claim slippers for wide feet someone on the broad and then we can associate it I simply made wider PKU and for the soul podemchik that they well we sat on leg knit 2 rows
  • 12:05: square log thread yes we turn knit purl 2 number of pink and then change thread
  • 12:41: jealousy 1 purl is such we to contact them I got to so it's still me this podemchik here is one two three four I Rose tied in this
  • 13:00: life was cut why such a idea and knit until the spoke will be forty six loops etc. can then self associate rezinochku how much you need, I Gennady linked to plump it if someone can not I mean yes, and see then I'll show you how and then I passed rezinochku here are the slippers today that knit if someone does not understand that ask
  • 13:38: so I knit necessary the number of loops here I was last butterfly and spoke at I still had forty six loops now I I knit to end of row on the left side I I will no longer diminish
  • 14:04: provyazyvaem front and here a little bit so pull up to avoid it was here holes on knit facial
  • 14:40: on the wrong side I knit entirely the whole series of facial hinges and such track happened
  • 15:36: what's so tighten us this time sneakers deep obtained chatter market good foot close my most-favorite model to the I red
  • 16:02: many supplements on channel their I prefer Whatever all models but I back to this water well, and now I I leave a piece of strings for sewing and took the pink thread and pink knit thread rezinochku all 46 hinged height rezinochki look
  • 16:31: do as you necessary even 1 facial 1 1 front 1 Wrong Wrong, and so we provyazyvaem much centimeters will this meter neutralize about four
  • 17:00: centimeters of the group and all we close the loop exchanges it to them here ass and sole Our slippers are ready so I dovyazala rezinochku once Now I want to ready turn on wrong side and sewn first here
  • 17:30: here we take two pigtails alter Veins pigtails up will read twice then along the edge here pigtails to eat pigtails stitches on our katochek
  • 18:06: we get Reputation Now sew on not Serenko. go under and Lidochka We close up embroider and the rear sole chic