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Medical mask from dryness of hair and reddening of head skin.  See details »

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  • 00:00: my beautiful girl hello my good today shoot video girl video response one girl wrote me help Natasha please I have very dry skin head to such an extent that even there crusts are formed and on the edge of growth hair all straight in the crusts I do not know what to do and I have a good shampoo that's what
  • 00:32: I do advise any mask Today the girls will we do with you mask is very good here for this event it is very suitable girls well, what I want say my good If you are well, for example the problem peel red skin on the head are formed and it is not just a girl
  • 01:02: so my good something happened you inside the body in the first place girls need to check course saharok in our age of these girls in general it is necessary to follow and you can imagine yourself here first repeat once again in sugar girls then check that the girls look you eat from it too can be
  • 01:34: crust color that is allergy can at some girl on the chocolate product eggs on something sweet may be his ate here on this little girl, too, need note and then another girl shampoo may be necessary to change my good may be some left
  • 02:00: got you shampoo are taking now We can imagine anything can be but same way to change the girls because of this, can the ecological itch or itching and redness may be you well, then 4 girls our age themselves You see here the head party is in our times you understand what I say let's head tight and here
  • 02:32: girls my clients come to me Natasha tells me among the shorter can not sleep all itchy all I sweat I do not know what to do here this mask girls just my good for you we will need you, we need to this mask olive oil, then we It will need a castor oil 1 egg yolk
  • 03:04: girls and panthenol can cream can be girls foam Gel can be there when the cop girls We go to the drugstore and buy here many times this mask to do do this well masochku at least twice a week to girls Throughout the month or even two to our
  • 03:33: scalp nourish us today again I repeat to you will do a skin mask see here for the scalp, let us you think if our girls at girlfriend steel in our joint crust formed on head means that it is talking about it they need to energize and then when they
  • 04:03: will go to the crust are from the head of the skin they should depart heal so they moved us they smazhem with you our particularly of butter and that our crusts healed we have to set antenna pilot well, that's all girls focus here is the way I have this
  • 04:30: Mask girls did you see my dry ends are not even visible mask is very good girl so take this masochku currently little note on the girls well, I did it all as a divorce inflicted on the girls you look my good girl, and we see to make a mask for our masochki
  • 05:04: Girls, we need to take the olive tablespoon butter, pour a tablespoon spoon of castor oil pour of butter and our girls we
  • 05:33: Now you will be contacted I lived. no egg girls and take only one stir yolk stir well and now we are girls Now that our mix of Olives I am and what we
  • 06:00: We go with you to the kitchen and heated on the water bath in a water bath our masochku we girls on heating water bath I remind the girls that there was no hot Our cushy masochka here we have it I connect with you here and this was the here we add a tablespoon
  • 06:31: panthenol show-off but very good girl cream foam gel can be but I think that here you wet a suitable cream add all stir girls inflict our hairs we'll be with you
  • 07:01: where do now eat girl [music]
  • 08:08: but the girls and all my good mask just great I'm just fine light hair becomes fluffy but girls who have not signed up girls subscribe will be friends write girls ask your questions
  • 08:31: Girls can someone their masks facial hair write them girls I'm going to do, and show other girls Here we will try everything on myself Girls Well, yes we meet again my beautiful love arsik write girls till [music]
  • 09:04: and