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Supercleaner for all of ware. In 10 minutes everything will be, as from shop.  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Good day my favorite spectator before you will see a such a very dirty kettle specially not cleaned I show it all sides with one less side One other general awful today together with you prepare natural home super cleaning
  • 00:30: means that suitable for Dummies and pans and ie trays about ten minutes everything will be as new and that is possible remove and deposit and here Now these grease stains but it is also a deposit thing and it does not require effort is required special preparation and tableware will shine like new method is very simple
  • 01:01: ingredients that most neither is a simple everyone has a home Each house has a due today I show you how to make Friends if you have not Subscribe to my channel after describing advises as signed do not forget to click on the bell notice of withdrawal new video [music] leave the kettle aside and we need soda food ordinary hydrogen peroxide and
  • 01:30: take any detergent I have dishwashing I take a safe it is suitable for washing vegetables for Children's tableware that is, I try use here such means well, as a sponge and gloves I kneaded a dish that weak take well about chum 2 dining room with large slide Spoon 2 tablespoons of here
  • 02:02: spoon without sparing hydrogen peroxide and one tablespoon liquid for washing dishes and now we must be carefully mix Of course no spoon very convenient to be learn to go to the mixture very similar to whipped cream but it do not difficult because it is a mixture of
  • 02:30: already you see immediately practically just like the scraps meeting if drily then add a little peroxide i I added all I will always, and I most desired mixture I consistency armed with gloves cooked tea
  • 03:00: I receive the mixture to a sponge on soft has this side and put on all our Maker blend mixture regret Now this mixture of both just one kettle well enough This kettle has
  • 03:33: there is such Especially the fact that the here you do not see Here such here strips and very hard it because of this do not wash We forget about the portion after thoroughly bore leave about Ten minutes after As it passed about 10 minutes we take the opposite
  • 04:00: side of the sponge it such a tough and We start slowly I've got to clean such a problem as I said strips and so I need to clean Here such here move because here are micro-micro strips and you need to wash only as well as if you pan or there has baking how much will you
  • 04:30: [music] By the way I brush It has a residual He moved to shell of this teapot is pleasant to drink much more than that that you saw the beginning is not it? so that the mixture to work It works perfectly
  • 05:01: We went too too is already running, leave not to put minutes on longer still as soon as the say here slightly forgotten cause but nothing I Now I modify it and all will be all excellent an easy way to easy so all advise thanks for all attention to the following meetings that you think write to me all the while till