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TWO OPTIONS PROVYAZYVANIYA UBAVOK ON the TOE. Knitting lessons spokes. || Begin to knit!

TWO OPTIONS PROVYAZYVANIYA UBAVOK ON the TOE. Knitting lessons spokes. || Begin to knit!  See details »

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  • 00:01: [music] welcome you to channel start licking My name is Tatyana Today video is I dedicated stroke I want to tell you about two variants of subtraction of loops formation at the toe I will have two the sample and the two options depending on how we we diminish the loop get a little different type of toe in terms of the the place where going ubavki now I'll draw
  • 00:30: it is on a piece of paper and Then we knit samples and so we Now draw 1 schematically spokes sleep 2 3 4 here at We start the series and it's the middle of the foot how we usually after the beginning of the series we heel Knit with us the beginning of a series of moves in the middle of the foot, they on the side of both first in for the wrong here we have 100 at here we have up
  • 01:01: socks 1 sleeps 2 3 and 4 because we can do ubavki let us now imagine that we we make love once at the beginning and the end of the spokes that is, we We do not leave some the number of personal loops the formation of such hem on the sides of This will be discussed in the next video Now we were binding as we ubavki made final loop on the knitting needles, and so
  • 01:31: which option we First, we start with you knit provyazyvaem all loops on spokes comes to an end we 2 sts remain and we provyazyvaem of 2 together with an inclination to middle of this knitting that is, it turns out that's a Standard Icon 2 together with slope right we cant in the direction of the loop Knitting is not aside our our god
  • 02:01: Socks further we go to second knitting needle we obtained middle knitting here and if we make the slope here is the second we spoke start 2 turns together Now it is left It will look like so but if you imagine how expanded nosochek let's take This is our version of the 1
  • 02:30: we sleep knit until the end, and we here middle here midfoot we knit and 2 together right here inclined knit following the spoke 2 is knit from us too up socks 2 2 together with the left left third spoke third spoke us here but it will go and and dovyazali and do
  • 03:01: inclination to the knitting side and time 2 together right 2 along the right and 4, respectively, first we will have 2 ie along the left We look at our ubavki knitting a sock in itself If this is our piece of the ubavki look into these hand in the middle Knitting is 1 variant 2
  • 03:30: option our spokes 4 1 2 3 4 precisely also the beginning of the series in but now the middle ubavki we do they will look to our side socks look from the center of God that is beginning here at We will ubavka it will look at us left here on the contrary right lip of ice 2
  • 04:02: left together about Isolde together the right to have us here it turns out we were binding 2 together left at 4 we spoke at the beginning of knit 2 together right that is, if we are again draw our our toe ubavki looking to the side socks like this here are these two
  • 04:30: options now we let them knit and see how it will eventually very different canvas bag himself how it affects the appearance of mask I decided to make small digression show you how already looks different you as a ready products this one option color it with us ubavki to beech socks are seen are little like when the notch Additives and yellow option is to have ubavki inclined to us to the center
  • 05:00: in this embodiment can be seen such as if stripes furrow such forms together so boog if you make them the beginning and end of the series leaving the loop can be here this straight broach strongly it is seen in yellow same embodiment bofke go to the center socks the central portion and here it is not so visible I want a butterfly only beautiful walkway of 5 So our first
  • 05:31: sample water on me term and 1 special on the first variant we Now you knit up end and at the end we 2 with the knit loops tilt to the right, I I will leave two loop not dovyazyvaya just be better then us in finally seen We are picked up by the two loops and provyazyvaem their front 1 sleep
  • 06:04: ready 2 sleep already here we get up socks, I also first knit 2 then will face ubavku and ubavka here on our left together 2 1 remove the second provyazyvaem front and We pulled through the first loop dovyazyvaem entire second
  • 06:30: needle third spoke knit We reach the two ubavok Loop leave here these two Bates and we inclined to diminish the center there are two with the right third spoke ready 4 spoke knit loops 2
  • 07:03: I began to repeat that you can do ubavku right at the start a number it's just I'm so always easier to two loop and leave 4 spokes we provyazyvaem with you 2 together with slope left removed first the second loop Knit and through first stretched all this way we do you ubavki
  • 07:30: on the toe about how I am doing ubavki how intervals I There is a separate video here here on a reference Now pops podskazochka can I'll see tie toe so Here is the way with such slopes and then I will show you the result so I knit all tank here now needle gathered all loops that we exactly turned sock and watch that is obtained as look ubavki
  • 08:00: we all like ubavki I would go under here this vozdushki all loops due to the fact that I here on the edge there are two more loops that the side of the recipient socks looks like so it's Sides how would such a large hem is obtained four loops if there is less to do the stand on this, this God will be less if
  • 08:30: you do in end of each row bofke that this is now Collar and now this they have a loop They will come together and will be middle, this is a side kind of socks and top bottom looks like so now let us associate with you the second sample already on the gray yarn in We will just as I told you to Now do ubavki with fresh and so Our second sample make a dark background
  • 09:01: pieces have been better seen nor our ubavki should look at side would about . that is, here it is we have the middle of the foot God here and now here's this The parties shall be We tilted our ubavki at first we spoke now we are beginning to you have provyazyvat us exactly the pattern I just leave two loops on the extreme such a beautiful side cover I usually do that is, I I not dovyazyvayu 4 loops
  • 09:30: to the end you can make and appear on the last loop and the loop we do with you with a slope to the left on We first spoke We do 2 loops together with a slope to the left first opened the second Knit and through first stretched dovyazyvayu remaining 2 needles likewise knit 2, you started You can not provyazyvat as you familiar and our need ubavki
  • 10:00: Watch here in this side here at We block socks so we provyazyvaem two together about you slope picks 2 and loops together front provyazyvaem 2 is knitted to a needle end of the third spoke knit her get to I also do not end I dovyazyvayu 4 loops and we need to make our ubavki looked to side over here that is
  • 10:30: we do 2 with tilt left third borehole is ready fourth spoke 2 facial started provyazyvayu our ubavki should Watch this side by side on the mask ie the two together right Now if the dark the yarn is not very visible both provyazyvat 2 loops along right and I will leave it to the left
  • 11:01: up here ssylochki as a separate video provyazyvat ubavki the so we have Now more provyazyvaem ubavki on while each sock Glaucus we look or this side either this way I Now yes I see also all mysochek and see how it It looks readiness the second piece, and that's so it looks like our they ubavki here go out of the corner of their a little is seen neither as to such ribs
  • 11:30: side it looks like this here It turns like a little bit a little as if he thickness Well visible edge Here here at the butterfly They are seen here such here notches are on edge and let see our two Sample 1 when our ubavki all look to middle of this knitting look and the middle of a second option when our ubavki look at
  • 12:00: toward the side of the low first case we get here this here arc say so number of loops are ubavki here we It turns like here are an overlap and going to side of tiptoes here turns between these hotels ubavkami and the hinges are on the edge, as it were such as
  • 12:30: if scar if you make a small eyelets if you do ubavki immediately at the edges needles the poseredinke get this clearly a prominent scar because that will loop little will diverge in different second hand variant strongly show butterfly hiding about this track
  • 13:04: these two options provyazyvaniya masochka two options provyazyvaniya Bank choose a more like I Thank you for Video account. [music]