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  • 00:00: [music] sofa is the main piece of furniture so how necessary for us rest and sleep so it is very important among many models choose the quality and comfortable the first thing that you need to Know When Choosing the sofa is its size make measurements of place where you You plan to put Your business must be take into account the size of the berth must exceed 1 man at least five
  • 00:31: centimeters [music] There are two kinds sofa layouts and transverse longitudinal important if the sofa It will be expanded he will take forward additional space indoors so make sure that you have enough space for move on room [music] consider what layout you
  • 01:00: It is more appropriate from This will depend and a selection mechanism transformation for to couch perfectly fits in interior was functional need select it for [music] I have my sofa classic version simple form which fit in any premises corner sofa with certain planning can save space and zoned space modular modern version of which gives the sofa opportunity to choose the right amount
  • 01:30: element and change their select seats shape sofa that will be fit your room and requirements what it consists of a sofa Kakos filler upholstery and mechanism [music] This skeleton frame upholstered furniture that is It is what keeps the whole design
  • 02:00: natural that when Actively the use of the sofa rests on the frame essential load so it is very important that it It was qualitative and durable manufacturers of upholstered furniture used different materials the production of carcass couch This metal wood plywood and chipboard MDF and combinations thereof framework of the materials serve long if he qualitatively executed and operated
  • 02:30: it is important to carefully dishonest manufacturers sofa can use a damp wood in the production of carcass to check carcass open clothesline niche and felt the bar it should be dry Most people used sofa just for daily sleep therefore it is necessary understand the mechanisms transformation one of the most popular mechanisms it
  • 03:00: evroknizhka simple and reliable suitable for daily sleep conveniently transformed into bed has capacious niche laundry chip in evroknizhka is that there are so simple mechanism that particularly nothing to break sofa recommend is withdrawable mechanism perfect for daily sleep have good strength compact in folded in the transformation turn into full place for
  • 03:30: sleep delfin often It meets in the corner models of sofas has spacious bedrooms seat and backrest upholstered transformed one movement cushions remain place with accordion this mechanism sofa can be all sizes of children up to the couch with berth 2 by 2 meters expanded in the principle of an accordion It has a large niche laundry if you need the guest sofa
  • 04:00: French approach clamshell in this sofa mechanism possible that hidden It does not spoil the design products at the same time you You have supplementary sleeping area [music] no less important, sofa component is its content manufacturers use these materials for
  • 04:30: sofas filling in based on this spring blocks spring lamellae snake polyurethane foam additional materials is sintepon holofayber sintepuh spunbond therapy felts of filling it depends on the couch such as stiffness slats plus polyurethane more hard sofa spring unit + polyurethane more choosing soft upholstery
  • 05:01: sofa important to consider what colors present in room sofa color It should be combined with interior as well as the approach of style to other furniture main types upholstery fabrics jacquard chenille tapestry velours Topic Jacques microfiber the flag as leather leatherette artificial suede You can combined tissue such as sofa omnium
  • 05:30: one pillow fabric the other from selection dependent tissues room atmosphere soft tissue and more muted tones create a more welcoming and warm ambiance smooth fabric It gives a sense of strict and business atmospheres but if you have Pets We encourage you to tissue fuck this type antico pharyngeal tissue and without pile [music]
  • 06:00: few words about they armrests can be functional and functional function can contain a niche pastel sliding bar shelf train table is not functional and armrests usually is thin Decorative their plus is that such armrests sofa becomes more compact course when choosing a sofa from you may have additional we have questions pleasure answer them come to our
  • 06:31: Salon 200 models sofas as well as about fifteen hundred on Online we will pick up for you suitable sofa [music]