Valentina Tarlina

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  • 00:08: Hi all, every hostess certainly somewhere in the kitchen kept old Cast iron cookware the iron which you can buy now can not be compared with those qualities that once it was but prepare delicious dishes when dishes not covered launders burning them on a layer fat and is it possible to favorite a second pan a life there is a way we need pva glue
  • 00:31: universal Typically, the average jar and soap 72 percent and so for I start at a major grater rub soap in greater capacity fill with water and We would almost boiling at this point diminish in the fire and pour into a bowl grated soap and glue pva all carefully to mix soap dissolved in the resulting solution omit killed years pan and continue to cook, and two hours on medium heat
  • 01:00: pouring water when part of the solution will evaporate on after two hours merge the entire solution and running water a little cool pan itself solution makes himself fat is very soft and some where he begins to crumble to perfect bringing it shine normal cleaning metal sponge the most effective and easy way important thing is not expensive and here is the result utensils and sparkles asking for cooking it
  • 01:31: Dinner wish all good luck bye bye