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I knit CHILDREN'S SEAMLESS OVERALLS spokes - PART I | I Stir | the Cost of SCHEMES in Russia - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello everyone not I want to tell you a little bit my this project is child unitard I see no scheme itself and I Of course not easy given because I'm not so big experience but it is very interesting I shoveled a pile Video information and I want to still to understand what what tie something its because but some scheme some detail According to me is not straight like for example that
  • 00:30: you need to knit a bunch of all either with stitches either circular Knitting trousers and sleeves then it's like out there almost on these here two sets of circular because with circular all unite 10 series like this in three all sets of knitting it is nonsense to me it seems to all be associate quietly in aviary magic bow 2 spoke at least I think so, although I I never knitted Raglan bottom and now
  • 01:01: I see this as the bottom see why see how I it takes as I and I will deal but I think there is nothing I see no wrong in just such a yarn Culver City specifically pulled skein of superstar and things I did just because I it is not a pity because this is my test option as you can see it is usually smooth surface without any patterns that I just I want to understand principles and then trace at all like it all fit and
  • 01:30: understand their mistakes only then knit otherwise she the possibility of some more noble yarn of any Figures adding Well to correct the mistakes and This yarn composition 70 percent merino like It is written here, and 30 percent acrylic but I think the concept of merino in Russia and abroad Well, at least there in Europe it is different and though this yarn is soft she pricked but I
  • 02:01: she does not really like Quality why because that's the acrylic thread, they 10 periodically behold stick out like kind LEDs How can you remove and In principle I like the color of this the color of the wine, he practically correctly transmitted if the camera possible on camera you a little bit more bright because it is more muffled do not know how it will not slide if the slide We tagged along so harness
  • 02:30: please write and I do not even like what it is very much springy but it probably quality characterized by very much Merino including and so expensive I dislike this pure merino precisely because it's This springiness and but in 2 strings in Actually it is not so bad you just this will It stretches the elastic there if you need something very flexible Tomilin OS is Of course the best choice So tell you how I then decided that it
  • 03:00: Now I've got calculations the size of the most difficult this is determine the sizes of extinct children I have not seen a long time ago I do not know as they grow, and they all born 53 very different and centimeter vital friend gave birth to their 1 62 centimeter child is there is already a month little baby yes so I do not know I I see practices took some average the size of which all folded, and that's what I came here I start 48 stitches duck
  • 03:32: ckazal and 2 filaments and here 400 hundred meters gram that is essentially it as 200 meters instagram possible count 48 loops and cuffs I have now 4 well nearly five centimeters although in theory it can be It was three but I do I made with the expectation you can tuck and then there will be outgrowth and panties I own pants
  • 04:00: many here centimeters Well somewhere than 15 15 and it turns out cuffs 20 but it can be tuck ie on a very small the child is not currently evident that the pants linked to some Knitting magic club because I have He passed to the calf and I have it all here so Now it merged circular spokes imposed magic club its spokes 13 half, and who would like they did not scold me but without knowledge
  • 04:30: they cling a little bit when you smuggle out pizza but for me personally it is not critical, I can not help with your finger and here to raise this loop which I caught on the joint but maybe I'll try chaga which is now me go and tell that all I am no longer I want to communicate with these directions when there are ideal as a spokes All praise to the chaga see generally will make sure I ordered a review of the Statement and not set and seven pairs
  • 05:01: which I spoke needed because I did not set arranges accommodation and I do not need this Case I have a generally ordered gene exactly what I Here is such a need scheme I think that in principle, it is not something you are not here I think that will help if I have a direct something very cool happens when I I compete there for the kid and all that I can then remove what type such as a mini Master Class I knitting with dimensions up to
  • 05:30: but now it makes no sense so I do not know do what to whom She climbs on a age and what is there will be both so I gained 48 loops knitted elastic band 2 on 2 then here I do not Adds or Bates because all that I have found to explanation scheme video all do as a he heart desires someone add someone diminishes so I decided that the changes should be such panties enough
  • 06:00: wide and to be was put underneath some Unique in both oblipochku you call and even it is called suit a yes there flannel or simply cotton and expanse of whether q moved enough widely me this sufficient increase me here too I add a little then every 3 centimeter is not first, that is, I added to the beginning Only from here and me here increases of January 2 3 4 4 gain all
  • 06:31: only I did with both sides of the two loops there are eight loops I added I continue here gaining between panties from behind 10 stitches ahead of I just I see now back and forth in a circle and then there will be and gain planochki These on the bottom if not sewn here Well, here respectively, while that will be like this Now I start the ass PDR diminish although
  • 07:02: many do uni Bates and in principle I can also think be it does not diminish because again I want to make a cube plump suit you that he was not sandals but still I decided they do ubavki will be very gradually it has not in each row and in five years I did bofke Well, that priest had big enough let's see what happens if the it is good to get if not I will put dress
  • 07:30: naturally all over not a thought, and I I want to link different options overalls then will probably top I do a little bit down I'm not like that professional who directly linked already there I see a lifetime only there for the second year and these things I will never so I did not take it is difficult Now imagine head but I usually guided by principle start it then as it will develop that is, for example, when I started I had no pants
  • 08:00: concept as I knit dad and I'm have no idea how I will connect the hose there with Raglan but I usually to solve problems as they arrive but somehow it all normally goes here so now I already our sixtieth year not counting the cups with I will help cuffs Remove all zeroed Now I count up now I will knit some 25 centimeters but from here on
  • 08:30: ass so here I cm 3 is already the there are 22 cm 3:00 see and will start raglan sleeves and then In principle, I think that week 2 I had finish because I usually I see on the evenings be sure to sit down, I thus rest on the couch let I I can not evening do at 36 week in the evening I like squeezed lemon's I would like to touch on
  • 09:00: now that I'm here because hangs on why the cost of the schemes I have not bought a scheme suit in the first place because I have not found such a good the choice to me Just what are you so very much but much like the from what I liked me Schemes like the bottom she is a girl worth almost 800 rubles 800 rubles Well so little money particularly those on Canadian standards it somewhere how many 15 than $ 15
  • 09:31: maybe even more but I It seems it is some inadequate in general just come up with assessment why the material under because 15 USD Russia can buy almost full book illustrated published simultaneously with more such patterns give several schemes and descriptions and so Further professionally written but not in
  • 10:01: This case well, let People there are very value their time and so but even further to see whether the body rover or even brooklyn tweed the average price somewhere 5-6 dollars for the scheme at including salaries for abroad is much higher In Russia, for some reason, at a lower cost life with less salaries of these cartridges stand as books 1 to 1 of 1 circuit I I think it's like that
  • 10:30: correctly the more Well, that such costs 800 rubles this pattern so if a person ten buy in Basically, it will pay off 8000 is already a well how many weeks work to make this pattern good if so many photos further up to 20 people buy it pay off let 15,000 two weeks work to be well write yes but then you can sell
  • 11:00: his life and getting behind these money so I do not I see some logic in I believe these prices it may not be worth Insert more than 300 500 rubles to one Chuck Still, and this thing reusable use is not master class where you come and get personal contacts, and so Further this thing that you once then he wrote sell write that you think this over again that famous designers sell their cartridges
  • 11:31: 6 dollars there will let alone the $ 6 I Now I mean Canadian that is well 300 up to 500 rubles worth of border where much more for wages board where a lot More pay all this hourly people do not put such whence we are evaluation I recently bought a yes it is like a choice everyone want to take do not want to take it but I nevertheless made
  • 12:00: the option to take the scheme for 15 up to $ 17 in my it did not work coat and instructions were To be honest, I fell in precipitate the parties themselves they are certainly useful and improve thinking there is a logical but you develop the other hand no calculations are not given and any specific schemes and at a price encyclopedia illustrated and I printed out I think this is some too
  • 12:32: generally not adequate because well, you want to teach people think you give Here are their but the same instructions time people paid money if they no time to think if they let them Knitting is not an end in itself life they have other work and all they want it just a couple of associate products so they some calculations at I do not know what give the scheme is not homeless but a small price Well, yes I have dispersed and repeated
  • 13:00: with the fifth circle write to you You think about this over and still he if you send knit from this yarn how to wear it because I have a feeling that she and will roll get out of course for children kombezik and this is uncritically it there his child diarrhea there a couple of months probably grow out He is still just I still wonder a black tutu without knowledge where to put this yarn else it will be he He was finished pack a whole but in general the
  • 13:31: Now all I hope video you loaded normal and the way I if it is turn off normally I will probably shoot often because they found method as directed to phone all there download, and it will save me a lot time will not inhibited all case I thank you for attention to see you the next report and till