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  • 00:00: [music] Hello dear friends, glad to welcome you to our channel and Today I'll be spending this crop beautiful flower called spruce spur probably a lot of you We heard of this rollout, but maybe not all grown and today I'll show you how the right to produce seed Well firstly a few words I would like to say on the name of this flower was
  • 00:30: from two Greek words Helios is the sun and the movement tropos ie inflorescences or a trail moves following the sun as comes the sun moves across the sky as well, It is somewhat similar in this respect, sunflowers in my opinion the main thing is his beautiful blossoms which reach 10-15 centimeters well small flowers collected just such large inflorescence has an excellent smell and, among other things besides
  • 01:02: beauty flowers themselves yet I really like dark green sheet slightly lumpy who also decorative look to the flowerbed flower bed Sato were previously mainly heliotrope one it is actually grown ancient times, but the last few years there are good hybrids features smooth flowering plants pretty early onset of flowering because the variety of flowers are usually later
  • 01:32: If you decide to collect seeds Atropos plants or most likely at you too go down is that there will be a different size flowers do not bloom will start later plus it will not be as plentiful so to collect seeds of this flower, I would how would not recommend it despite the fact that the seeds store are inexpensive Today I will call the three classes, two of
  • 02:02: They dwarf varieties or the marina hands and This dwarf heliotrope marine grade it is more dwarf blue if the marina he is a little purple sea dwarf it is more blue and or Rob treelike I do not know how it is called packaging such slightly Of course suspicious but do not want anything say until the check out of this You get the best of course seeds
  • 02:31: choose a trusted manufacturers Now stubby was such a case we have in one year is not risen, no seed Julia the corpse before it was successful we still Now we create the same conditions as in last year but none of the seed is not hatched later I have learned that even our stores in the district of seeds or refused Atropos because he was missing people workshop and bought nothing risen well
  • 03:00: I subscribed to the Internet who interested can see, I think not difficult to find really heliotrope It multiplies it in three ways cuttings this division and the bush seed method but if you do not have adult mother Plant the seeds of course the most simple method of reproduction by Rob and queen cells can be perfectly put them in a cool room in winter they are good in the winter because the plant long-term but we have a harsh climate
  • 03:30: It is grown as an annual crop or a trails should be calculated taking into account the your particular region average It passes the 80 days after flowering shoots notes to 10 days still want say that this plant is not frost it is very heat-loving so the first frost it can damage with this regard you need to calculate the terms threat of frost has passed irrevocably
  • 04:00: would not freeze to your plant and We had the opportunity to plant it on a bed already in the warmer months, so start directly for sowing or robe seeds of this plant large enough but now we have prepared the soil in the soil I acid-alkaline ph balance of the soil about 6 units if you do not know what the soil you have, you can easily check here about this set
  • 04:30: the heads of the mass of paper in one of its the last video, I told how easy it is do well and can control interesting I think for you to be themselves know the contents page if the soil you store was acquired, I think this do feature it is not necessary serious manufacturer company which It manufactured the substrate and on the packaging there It has to be given a about the way the content is very important indicator for growing different
  • 05:01: plant species because the seeds heliotrope larger seeds of petunias times well in many times but if so to compare interest only noise in one gram of de pita is approximately 11 thousand seeds in one gram, or about Atropos is a thousand seeds here can do count on how many times the seeds heliotrope larger than the larger seeds have
  • 05:32: higher power so germination heliotrope surfactants can sprinkle a couple of millimeters Now we expand club rosette slightly moist soil I here to bowl well, so you do not there was subsidence of some seeds It is highly desirable after sowing remain at the same level that is impossible them to be
  • 06:00: Here wave pool will be uneven germination of seeds heliotrope not shiver Ravana, but I have not seen to be honest rannyh rye seed it for a corpse We spend unfolding in the groove prepared in advance at a distance approximately 1 centimeter from one another each seed after unfolding carry sand powder technology not much different from the cultivation
  • 06:30: any other colors there are certainly seeds that need preparation of various stratification scarification and soaking so on but heliotrope, we is not the case just We sow into the soil and sprinkle a couple millimeters sand can be, in principle, and the ground sprinkle although you know I want you say a friend in some sources there is an opinion that heliotrope heliotrope sprinkle seeds not
  • 07:02: We need to supposedly need light for germination but I disagrees because how many years we grew we have always grown and performed through 7 it is by this process fine germinate and after waking up such layer of sand after the spread and sprinkle the powder after course plenty of water to seeds They were in the humidity after
  • 07:30: pre-bowl we signed it put to the temperature and for teplichku germination 21 to 24 degrees, or if well you do not have a mini teplichke is possible Basically put any warm place should take into account that the lower temperature during germination the longer will wait for germination is not possible live to see but too high Temperature also negatively affect the plants sprouting after germinate but respond as
  • 08:00: In this case, we are already there Tanaka shoots python is that we got 21 January 27 that is today six days Yesterday or the day before the shoots appear, we just a piece of glass to clean and remove that Among eaten by RUR but the friends on this perhaps I will finish my short video thanks to all who made it to the end if someone decides to grow or spur of I sure you will not regret because the flowers really really nice
  • 08:30: very happy summer and the smell of salt and look around to dating someone the video was helpful or simply liked the place Please Like all good [music]