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  • 00:03: scarves and trendy but a stylish accessory do not rush to escape Store as soon as you want a new scarf better find house old T-shirt you think I'm kidding no my guest Today Olga Volkova and it tells you how old T-shirt to turn into a new scarf policy hello how to put Today really We try to make of old things is something very new, unusual This beautiful scarf
  • 00:30: we made three different color T-shirts that have We have a little bit we worn out from They are tired, they us tired and we did that's so beautiful Scarf we made it out of 3 Now these shirts and I Only color can determine that here these shirts become here in so cool original scarf yes still none so I did not see the color we select for our taste combine those colors that we like and which approach our wardrobe, we take Shirt and lower we edge neatly
  • 01:00: we cut off cut off striped about somewhere two, two and a half cm entire length giving from start to finish of the three T-shirts we cut identical strips and them equally we stretch got such thin flagella and due to the fact that the fabric is stretched she starts wrapped it jersey he has such property and we do not see the edge we cut scissors that is, they wrapped and our strips are perfectly smooth so
  • 01:31: stretched the land that does everything for us, we and is wound on the take our pen like this here's a way to 4 finger somewhere about 4 We stretch the fingers so so that we could then remove our fingers and Now it turns out we have one flagellum everywhere I thought to do kebabs so fun I want to join note that how we relate way we have three three colors one dark
  • 02:00: light gray and now that is, if we take two flagella different We are held together by color It is the third color so much so we obtained alternation of colors are now try to make my scarves we take it Gray we are following after dark if we are dark is light then we poseredinke to be green to us make connecting the we need an element take our cuff and said cut off from him
  • 02:30: thin stripes striped about size 10 cm and a width about two and a half three cm but Listen well, all her in the case of this part shirts use Now you sleeves done thanks salt much like that on 5 also on those of the shadows and it will turn in here such vermicelli strip length 10 cm and its width where the two three and a half centimeter this strip we Cut the sleeves Our t-shirts yes Now we take one
  • 03:00: cell and bind the rest of the scarf how ordinary assembly assembly time and a bundle 2 after the second bundle the language we formed like since a bow We margins remain So we hang around connect and scarf we lengthened it so simple interesting and unusual looks I for example in full enthusiastic and you it all like your
  • 03:31: idea what else is there to come up also on the same same method way you can make different Variations scarf more one of these options I want to offer here such a scarf for First, we cut off the lower part there where We subjected Reputation tough wow yes Joe is tough seam we cut off to us it does not interfere and then start again, just as cut but here I I look at you strip bit is a Jew unprincipled about somewhere
  • 04:00: two, two and a half centimeters of strips we can be just how much allowing the length of our t-shirts how much We fit our slips time enjoy not here necessarily carefully and evenly crop or processed seams time-time-time and pulled fabric hid all then disadvantages that we do we take and we turn to several times our flagella and put on on the scarf here many read two type two colors here
  • 04:32: in such a way we get a scarf between them we can his bond for We yet again we can use hand wing arm yes there we cut already wider strip somewhere around five or six centimeters somewhere about and we will have it for scrunchy except for the gap and associate one side also we
  • 05:01: We can do it as we bow it is simple to make repeatedly wind to keep it was obvious where we ends here so very yieldable material and can, in principle, to wind all that anything from these thin flagella which we used old T-shirt Another option I want to offer too very unusual that scarf well done simply take another T-shirt we need a crayon we conducted a
  • 05:30: pencil the dependence of both and what color we fabric for us to be much that we draw take a plate ordinary plate which has every house it can be real dish there may be plastic paper any platter us must round here some based on which we we can circle we do neatly We are putting this a plate and draw out but we'll be fine yet I understand that we Draw circles Old T-shirts ask go spreads and then we you need this circle turn in
  • 06:02: Ravlyk so we twirl the spiral draw on Here we drew it Now the spiral of this spiral we we cut cut can at once two here the front side portion and a rear portion t-shirts we have here formed just two Fusilli we also take us cut away the part where we stitch and you do not and take in a circle neatly we cut here we also we try to cut Smooth edges we do not
  • 06:30: be so easy bent as it was in previous we once he knitwear not so much podvorachivaetsja because we are trying to to our line there where we were cut smoother curls can be as your discretion in Depending on diameter plates we filled respectively, than it is more the we longer work curls and when we cut omit it turns out we have here Now there is such a spiral as such we have to one tee shirt get at least eight stuff that is Here we a plate
  • 07:00: we can put one-two-three-four and both sides is 88 or if we skeet at It may be more or we have a very large t-shirt that is from the same shirt you sliced just eight pieces Yes Yes somewhere will arrive at 8 pieces we can and our These crop here Now demonstrate how it will look we have to scarf Now we have put clothe another scarf we have a different mood the other day and here thus also
  • 07:30: Games of our cuffs we do rezinochku This rezinochka we will serve to so that we can link all our part of our twisted elements one we can the center post on scarf, he will remind us of something we can tie attach a brooch Here is a flower flower flower you too have T-shirts made No, this flower made from other material on this mol necessarily both
  • 08:00: something tells in one of the following: Program all bude good at will not immediately tell all secrets but it will also quicken our scarf and make it more impressively revive not a word is really designer thing thank you very much a couple of hours ago, I and did not know about that because plain old T-shirts can make very beautiful and stylish fashion scarf and now with you thanks to the advice Olechka wolf you I learned to try
  • 08:30: you we beautiful and fashionable all water dobra