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  • 00:00: Hello this channel ready to forgive and I Olga Matthew today we will prepare super-duper helpful sausage or sausage Chicken it will be sausages or who like dogs call chicken fillet is it is very tasty children can be the most the main thing that they can be to do not buy sausages or Sausages's children like the type of milk I gave this recipe my friend Ira Irusya hello today prepare your sausages
  • 00:33: Well [music] I show one Normally, this course little so the minimum necessary take two chicken fillet cream I have here 12 but interest cream you can take any the fatter the better, and I have not found this time fattest so I took a conventional beet or it means that Buryachok
  • 01:00: I have here three little or a big nutmeg I have a little bit here there is a bit of paprika ground black pepper can be taken a mixture of pizza's see just schepotochku and pinch paprika course salt and egg here protein then egg white must be 2 pieces with two eggs but if you small eggs it will give 3 today ted me sent here such paper napkins it Sophie firm, and we will today will try to post see how they
  • 01:30: use start com with the storm not to add any dyes, we will use hot juice I have only marc and at home so I'm going to do juice and juice on his juicer throw Ryaba River is very convenient not need anything cut only I cleaned and included just squeeze the juice [music] I take the balance about awards was 40 grams Measure out the storm again juice plus or minus not more than 50 th here at
  • 02:00: I came here 50 see here and so a beautiful bright It means to do if juicer not at home and sausage do need to reading how to make a take an ordinary grater Now ordinary grater I will take the show on that we all rub on a coarse grater to lose then polish beet and then take the gauze and through cheesecloth Burst Juicing while you rub grated into all that It will be full of juice raw beets not
  • 02:30: boiled in general rubbed pressed a little bit of yourself how well it is necessary to general and all the works now we need Well chopper means I want to say so we do this sausage want that she was maximally oh homogeneous and need was set so I first skip chicken fillet on a meat grinder and and at the same small fine sieve You see what I cute here on and a nice little then on the blender if
  • 03:00: grinder at home there and there is only one Blender's a fact can be on it because if only even a meat grinder fine if you are two or three times and miss meat here on this a nice little still there is no such pasty although consistency if you have a blender there do of course to the smallest Here is such a grinder 2-3 times then skip that was so homogeneous mass You understand not like Meat on some on and that an ice floe
  • 03:30: such consistency Paste obtained if do only blender firstly a very long time not everyone has a very powerful blenders and this best done two well adaptations every woman prilovchilis as better so good Now the whole thing I established and will cut meat first you need to fillet wash immediately want say and take do not like this at a rate of two fillets do immediately to two norms of 4 fillets because it is eaten
  • 04:00: it instantly for once to section 1 departed once that is here I prepared all I ate hurt preparing and even next day there icer so ready times Now take longer each fillet queue and obsushivayut him So I'm doing today paper towels necessary because that it should not be moist and better Of course here and so dry towels and leave for 10 minutes that she had lee know
  • 04:31: so here is a little bit so good and so each if all at once do you not better to get wet done several times see here off as a pieces if necessary you little piece it is not necessary tear too the great economical option is very convenient well now I'm up to land 200 chanterelles as well that finished with fillet I want to say about napkins good
  • 05:00: Wipes does not stick here is one layer does not sticks so You know there is pro Macao, and it remains on meat here this there is now cut into fillet in an arbitrary form because will it now to grind convenience skip the meat through a meat grinder [music] Now meat We send in a blender first nothing about I add and sleigh We start interrupt to paste it
  • 05:31: condition good see all I now mixed up I show you how uniformity must be meat here look like pasta you see how how uniform but I have a thousand watts Hood so I long fluffed around five minutes if you less capacity to but longer than here such consistency It must now be here we send salt spices as protein here
  • 06:04: the cream and pour storm whose term here We send all will be well mix so look at all I have mixed a second straight pink pink you worry that such bright as they are so do not be brewed little you brewed juice from the crash slightly blush all that's all you can
  • 06:31: we do not have to take out need I'll be doing in real sausage shell this is how it It looks salt I I'm just not advertising here we are buying in stores so now I take a piece of from any edge in fact their first you need to wash the salt they're stored in salt see how much salt on the skin must be washed pour warm water can be left on
  • 07:01: I'm usually in a minute phase was washed well with of salt and when I do not I feel grains salt on hand because that a large salt that's all I do not feel now need to check in interior was Now breakthroughs show you how to do, and I shared my Get 3 colon Now I take the edge of any 1 here here and try it reveal it well It opens like this
  • 07:31: Now that's at odds I show so near the edge here include water and I miss water I take out here in the gut sink and contain no more water pressure and pour the water into the very
  • 08:00: intestine can be increased so now the pressure look see water passes it washed I see that no breakthroughs I'm going to do sausage sausage in me meat does not enter on all sides so I checked one in this way I check 2 other all first reveal gut and dress it for first thing in the nozzle you need to put on the gut nozzle so here
  • 08:31: edge and pulls completely across length dress it here here when fully you end up like this here department of leave just some edge so here and hang while anything with him do if you this nozzle grinder no Look at the end of the video will be a living window where I I am doing home sausage in homemade sausages and there I showing both the improvised years funds
  • 09:00: here and so do such sausages thing made minced ship to Now grinder obtained stuffing We send down here in grinder and need it turn to mince I passed through the nozzle here so that the air went out I see even here I push minced You see the air out as well here as I I could here the line Now I turn and wait I began to mince a little here looking out of nozzle once minced
  • 09:30: He seemed to do edge node so easy linkable so when bandaged that's so good again delayed touched here's intestine and take take a toothpick that was not for airy do puncture here is a little now includes in this way can be to do if you want to sausage in the morning on the sandwiches is necessary taking the colon and
  • 10:00: do long on the other end tie a can sosisochkami do with hearts as you want First I made a sausage'll show you how It looks sausages if they then cook suppose bill Now when it the correct size sausage I got here and so and pulls plenochku twist here pulled back in this manner do continue to receive here
  • 10:30: such milk his sausage Get 10 sausages in a boiling water send sausages they like to lie ordinary chicken that is, 15 18 minutes somewhere sausages I cooked them I pulled the dogs cut look what they look inside within inside 100 as a purchase with milk sausage it is clear that after cooking juice Buriak you you cooked they are not so Brion and pink you Can not they just a little
  • 11:00: He says but I usually when it is not used to say them, I cut and thence slightly would imply a real juice so better do like this if you want to store such that the sausages they should be frozen before you cook you done them and frozen and before innings in his river then still my personal opinion on about these sausages for children it seems to me this ideal is without coloring it all delicious but I like to I changed I can not
  • 11:30: say that the sausage very juicy because it's breast and whatever you do brisket still they will be a little bit both under the dryish they tasty when it does not only cooked just eat them there with pie very tasty but personally I would personally for themselves may not be children but for myself, I would in this whole recipe He added another piece when fat bacon grinds on I would grinder added fat slice but it personally from me so wish I would and so did you See for yourself in love
  • 12:01: You do not like you friends and even became not eat or They will have spirits so small see here for yourself this video today It was about home milk sausages thanks for today They were with me subscribe to my Channel place husky share this video bye Bye