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  • 00:00: [music] Hello this kitchen with another project I you I Valeria I love cottage cheese cakes and so I suggest you try new cakes recipe apples on curd in effect we It needs curd 500 g 2 eggs any vegetable oil odorless I I took coconut sugar 250 grams of baking powder I have three tea Spoon is about 16 grams of flour 800 grams for apples and stuffing cinnamon mix
  • 00:33: cottage cheese and sugar and whisk [applause] separate the proteins from yolks and whites add in cottage cheese weight once again shake up pour a glass of oil to melt Coconut oil it is sufficient as a put in circle hot water few minutes and Can such a liquid It can be done later pour into a jar wide bottom oh sorry neck
  • 01:00: Oil is in us our beloved store trample a reference to the bottom herein moreover you can even get buy rather this oil with a discount of five interest there will be at the bottom of the promotional code all highly recommend go to this store as oil adding to the dough and whisk oil there this store by the thousand represent in addition any corn and sesame oil there are different and even Markovna and Danny very interesting I recommend a shop in
  • 01:31: flash necessarily go with a whisk oil is such a curd It turned out great Just you know It looks yummy I want to have to eat Now add the flour baking powder look at your baking powder usually written on the pack My recommendations My baking powder recommend add in the amount of two percent by weight flour, and now I have 800 gram flour turns you need 16 grams
  • 02:00: baking powder well mixed and enter flour cottage cheese I recommend add not right away parts look how many will take the dough All knead the dough Friends here is the dough has turned very soft pleasant to the touch and this is the amount of flour in I have left but guided by their dough may You will curd a liquid or Conversely drier the dough should be soft for filling in
  • 02:32: than apples in a large grated apples mix it with cinnamon if you apples acid can be then at formation add patties sugar until nothing we add sweet apples because meat with school We need to roll down the dough in roll and cut into about such portions Of course such a test no not at all normal the dough is not so but it is quite homogeneous
  • 03:01: I think we are now Shape the dough even not necessary it can roll out just flatten hands Put the stuffing and it zaschipyvaem edge really you know this than that reminds me shortcrust pastry neatly over tweaked turn over and seam to put down
  • 03:31: oiled paper shaped cakes lubricates beaten I do yolk I recommend adding 1 Still yolk dough 2 eggs 2 egg yolks Sleep call me it seems a bit too much and so the dough will I hope even tastier it is delicious bake at at 180 degrees around hour here are wonderful pies we turned fragrant cinnamon here aroma just
  • 04:00: great with apples of course it the perfect combination view friends thin dough toppings test very much like shortbread that's really will shortcrust pastry and it is delicious yum-yum If you are a lover sand baking you exactly like it If you are a lover apples so are you pies you'll love necessarily all friends pies I remove liked frosted dough crumbles way
  • 04:31: cottage cheese is not even feel if your grandfather kennedy approx cheese a great option they need to feed singe number useful product but everything with you, I was Valeria subscribe to our channel necessarily put the huskies if you enjoyed all good so far