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How to distinguish zero from grounding. Grounding and zeroing.  See details »

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  • 00:09: Good day My name is Paul ii and contrary to your channel School of Electrical if you have not subscribed to I advise my channel necessarily make right now because ahead of us lots of interesting videos on Electrical and not only join and so in one of his the last video I told how to the phase of different ways many of the video pleased with
  • 00:30: phase detection like as well as understood but there there was another question and how to define or excel zero conductor of the wire grounding on what this issue I will try to answer in This video is admissible You have happened so the situation any reason, You had not finished outlet installation lamp or anything else truth out three without conductor Color-coded we need to define which of them respectively 0 earth and phase to phase, but It seems to be all clear
  • 01:00: We took indicator screwdriver without problems found and how to be a zero and Grounding is not here so simple but definitely solve Today you will show several possible way to distinguish neutral conductor by conductor ground and so first option disable all devices apartment and disable one machine cheeks further disconnect ground wire shields that goes directly into
  • 01:30: apartment he can be attached either But on such a gizmo yellow light or blue Well, something mounts or can be fastened body guard I had to this video I I use as a such a zero bus terminals Vaughan so we will disconnect directly from Wagga's terminal feeding the wire into the Our apartment conditionally shooting shooting Ground yes no
  • 02:03: I said in this video conditional on him that I I know it is a white phase conductor turns we need to define neutral conductor and ground choosing between at the blue wire and the yellow-green, and so All include automatic put Tester mode measurement AC voltage won where the media to white wire voltage will be
  • 02:30: be 220 volts there is zero conductor to begin choose yellow conductor looking voltage is not present on Faithfulness we check the tension between white conductor and blue voltage at 233 volts and it means that White wire we 0 blue phase as well like between white and yellow conductor yellow-green no conductors stress is
  • 03:00: It means that we as once you put on the wire who broke here ie it here ground wire the first method define the second option if you set pole Circuit connect its two unknown conductor alternately vyzvanival either or on battery bathrooms either sewer tube generally at any grounded object certainly so where resistance battery wire bathroom conductor will seek to
  • 03:30: zero there is ground where resistance will seek to infinity there there is zero conductor and so disconnected pole machine We turned off and Tester mode measurement resistance take blue conductor measure resistance measure resistance for the battery visible resistance tends to
  • 04:00: infinity ie no reaction Now a similar Do the yellow conductor looking resistance is It is hovering around 1 ohm this is the wire grounding Thus, we We get that yellow we conductor ground wire white phase fall respectively 0 3 embodiment disable machine previously Turn off all appliances network jumper
  • 04:31: file on the conductor 0 on the one or two benefit us machine I must say that this method least preferred way it bears very high-risk cases your mistakes yet so you can ping 0 identify and ground and so go disable one automatic shutdown put forth bridge between the phase and neutral conductor output
  • 05:01: from the machine We put forth we translate tester continuity mode diodes placed Now between the phase threw zero guide should be the closure of cows short circuit look yellow-green
  • 05:31: on the white tester creates sound signal does not give then these wires between unclosed Now take a White conductor on blue conductor 1 toyota tires test beep that means that it between conductors a castle respectively it turns out that the two conductor of this Phase and zero third conductor once the conductor has
  • 06:00: ground wire Actually that such Here are the options and ways you can identify and distinguish 0 of the ground and I want to say that The measurement stress can use and but an ordinary light bulb 120 is an extremely neatly, in principle, how to work with the tester seeking a variant that if you are at the entrance costs ouzo or Emergency circuit breakers it respectively if 0 holiday you instead connect the wire
  • 06:30: ground it the course will there is even possible principle so identify all Otherwise you my handy ways that today laid out on that's all if this video you turned Like a useful place subscribe to channel as well as join our VKontakte group also from this menu you can go to channel playlist Right on recommended video left thank you all for attention to you was Paul and Channel School electricians to new
  • 07:01: meetings