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To tighten a belt, to reduce a waist without sport.  See details »

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  • 00:02: Hello everyone on the nose summer, many of us seek to improve fitness and most common problems that care of women is the abdomen and the hips and I'll talk cellulite somehow in Next time a today show a very simple exercises in order to tighten the abdomen and reduce Arel without special physical loads a specially for those who do not like do fitness or sports contraindicated for health and so if you wonder how
  • 00:30: improve their health and make the waist thinner keep looking this exercise is taken of yoga called she is breathing fire at In fact, this breathing practice aimed at purification of the body its improvement but I tried it felt the significant tension in the abdominal muscles and realized
  • 01:01: that if you regularly perform breath fire you can press bit disappoint stomach tighten Italy will become thinner forgive me adept Yoga I pulled out the overall context of this I exercise frequently I use some interesting methods of qigong from yoga without going the philosophy of eastern and the intricacies of dealing only for the benefit of all the body is breathing fire very powerful rhythmic and rapid continuous breath without pauses between inhalation and exhalation breathe they need to belly
  • 01:30: breast that is it diaphragmatic breath and breathe but we itself not sit on your lap or on chair or in the lotus position back straight rib cell slightly elevated respiration carried only due diaphragm and abdominal muscular upper part of the chest It remains stationary initially for the control of right body position can be put your hand on chest and ensure that it does not rose exhale carried out by sharply the retraction of the abdomen inwards and the up abdominal organs cavity wherein
  • 02:00: Lower pressure on causing the diaphragm its rise expelling air from lung breath is automatically when relaxation of muscles belly while the diaphragm falls down allowing air fill your lungs is alternation stress and relaxation in the area belly not recommended forced respiration breathe it specifically It occurs by itself actively and if right move the belly is breathing the sound is similar to the when the dogs breathe been running breathing should be very quick 2-3 breaths
  • 02:30: in one second but I do not it turned out I was breathing but fast enough at their own pace and I think first it correctly and already as assimilation practice can come to the right in pairs Prank first best carry no more than 20 breaths in one approach, then do 15 seconds of respite and then proceed to practice and all I do three sets doing so more than 20 times it does not feel sufficient load but it is very important pay attention to their health if during breathing appears dizziness or what others do not
  • 03:00: very nice Symptoms better to also stop practice as mastering breathing fire can be increased number of breaths to 50 times in one approach and even more in a result of toned muscles abdominal cavity intensified digestive fire and also legal terminology improving digestion and accelerated exchange materials needed understand that the breath fire lift it out cubes on the belly for to get relief stomach needs a cruel rocking all the canons fitness but lying on the couch physical form is not
  • 03:30: We have to improve efforts thus breathing Fire is something between a very heavy with fitness one side and do nothing to but not the other Remember the main thing the condition is regularity and zeal at a time you any apparent changes in the area belly will not see but would still feel to tone the area immediately guarantee that you to perform better Breath of Fire in the morning fasting as it cleaning practice but also you can do it but not in the evening earlier than 4 chasa postprandial Till
  • 04:01: this practice is and contraindications it pregnancy monthly dysfunction thyroid gland severe hypertension disease Cardiovascular systems thinking Needless to remind that must be listen to own body and treat it with respect but in general Breath of Fire gives force brings enthusiasm and energises and I wish you all beautiful all health long before the new video meetings on my channel