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Design and finishing of a toilet Bachetto's plastic. Secrets of installation of a box from plastic in a toilet  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear Friends in the toilet will take place full decoration of premises with installation of a new the toilet Decorating the walls will carried plastic panels batchata papyrus with 3d applying to the central part and later on example has held finishes here you will be able to evaluate appearance of the walls and but I will note only once that strength and stiffness addition data has panel
  • 00:30: and previous panels from the collection maras in which previous I video I spent finishing the walls In bathroom so here is stronger panel for all their practice, I have not I met and stressed it's news that in sales appeared recently and I think finally manufacturers learned to produce quality things in plan plastic panels talking of Manufacturer manufacturers based the is Aquaton
  • 01:00: Russian data width Standard panels 25 centimeters in width and 270 for the height price for one such Panel 250 rubles details of all I finish this video consider not be because Similar videos I released on his channel abound videos that then I will to produce on his channel on finishing bathrooms including this will be mostly devoted to various Newest course only qualitatively and this applies to both
  • 01:30: plastic panels and ceramic tiles and has such from finished my work you can do to undertake certain conclusions e.g. whether it is necessary to carry out in some form panels or tiles from himself finish one Are you satisfied with the word their overall appearance and stressed as preferences and People have different tastes and indeed e.g. already finished works and knowing all the information about as the material producer prices and
  • 02:00: so on a much easier to identify rather than see material somewhere just put into operation marketing Exhibition Hall and before the heap listen to nonsense sales consultants which is not a damn thing versed in and finishing work their results after held finishes not quality materials during their use in Generally I must have proceed further without comment
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