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BAKING POWDER secrets. How to make to prepare a baking powder (baking powder).  See details »




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  • 00:00: [music] hello viewers channel Tatiana today's video we we will deal with baking powder or they say the people baking powder All we know about him all we buy everything we We use them but cook at home I do not know like home you come to the store
  • 00:31: buy products but for a little thing like baking powder forget coming home you remember that it is not bought and return to store somehow not I like you offer such cooking method which does not take virtually no important to have a time three ingredients Wessel and electronic dry the dishes time but it takes you prepare it
  • 01:00: and you will be at home a lot of this powder for example, I often peak I will do it more baking powder What is it used to our confectionery all that we bake home was lush beautiful and our delicious grandmother used of course, soda nose attached to a It smells bad our test and we do do not need to, we need to the dough was
  • 01:30: beautiful lush very tasty and for that we use baking powder or its baking powder cook very a primary accuracy and dry dishes and above all else and desire to have home was a powder such as I I want you today show how I but I do use flour is why I will not because of the baking powder includes meal and I will
  • 02:00: use starch starch extends life powder flour food repent quickly and starch It may be long main dishes to It was stored in a dry Peter and wherein the dry powder OK ventilated dark place and took his dry dishes spoon dry start cooking powder I took electronic balance
  • 02:31: I took soda and citric acid and starch By the way if you have a home has already prepared a baking powder and you notice that he He crumpled it does not matter for you You can throw in dishes where it contains several refined sugar cubes He will take over excess moisture and you can easily still long time to use powder term powder storage here
  • 03:00: such as we prepare baking powder It will be six weeks if you use composition of flour then no longer three weeks I certainly I will use the same starch over citric acid you buying a lemon acid and know that it has the pellets pellets and more than usody than that starch that we We need to He was good to us
  • 03:31: to grind citric acid something or in a coffee grinder or blender I Grind that is, All our ingredients about equally dispersed I begin to connect them I took the dishes here a dry sure why dry because if somewhere gets wet our baking powder reaction starts and
  • 04:00: reaction I need ahead of time so As I have already said that I like the site, I took ingredients in our three times the It has to cook baking powder minimum amounts to us need food soda 10 grams lemon acid crushed 6 grams and 24 grams
  • 04:30: starch as I took ingredients three times I mean more than I cooked 30 grams soda 18 grams of food citric acid and 72 gram of starch the main thing preparation baking powder This accuracy than or rather you weigh all the ingredients of the cooler will you your
  • 05:01: bakery products 1 connect citric acid remember that it should be chop soda and starch all connected in place and well, we need it Stir well to to stir us just close
  • 05:30: and cap it all Shake to all joined starch ingredients performs in this case role filler happens so that using hostess only citric only acid and soda for baking Powder according to It is also good but
  • 06:01: life expectancy this powder two Time is no more and plus when you do only two ingredient lemon acid and food baking soda steel they need to equal amounts everyone is always interested such a question when the post baking powder at cooking for example what that pastries and rolls it must then when you throw the flour
  • 06:30: eat with flour but There are such recipes that adds flour two in three steps when add exactly the same baking powder the last reception flour is added baking powder there are such recipes when cooking they used honey like or dairy Products I will I advise the then Add to the tip soda knife to and to alkalis these products to
  • 07:01: the response was better the dough was rather it but it is necessarily so we use only soda and vinegar Where are added soda and you want to upload vinegar advise soda adding to the dry product and vinegar e.g. to eggs kefir or other products and immediately connect to the reaction was but probably is so some
  • 07:30: hostess at cooking some baking add soda and vinegar separate dishes right away reaction occurs carbon dioxide, light Lebanon and that our Baking is done as a Korzhik it will not be fluffy because you have this All made reaction separately from the test this can not be done so we are today prepared in houses themselves are not at home
  • 08:01: baking powder or I think baking powder you cook so have retseptik our favorite baking powder because without it anywhere our pastries get very nice and I have this guarantee Try and you all always succeed the main desire and your Floury be beautiful lush ideal
  • 08:30: keep baking powder in dark OK ventilated place, and he will have be somewhere six weeks if a starch and month somewhere about if you add the flour flour from a few refined sugar cubes for to the flour lump Lodz I think that current video It proved useful for all who interesting and pastries baking powder
  • 09:00: important and interesting if you have any recommendations me some questions to Ask I will wait for answer Like to put See you until till