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Ornament on Kanzasha's hat. Simply and beautifully \/ kanzashi flowers tutorial  See details »

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  • 00:12: Hello dear friends with you again elena Balaban and Us has already come our golden autumn yes now present but that is no reason not deal not kanzashi make beautiful things it is an occasion to make pretty
  • 00:30: decoration on the hat and today we are with you these loans means I now take to from accessories you can Now take this with bulavochkoy up or is such a just shtuchechku metal and I He has sheathed her little cloth and so a using strings prepared and Basically everything is ready to do kanzashi means that we still need today Of course we need satin ribbons Satin Ribbon 5
  • 01:01: centimeters and satin ribbon with two half centimeter shade which it goes well today we have a rose kind can be said the most popular color but especially girls young girls and we need that we need squares small and we need Here's a tape with so here I am centimeters Here are 7 will show you centimeters such we need somewhere
  • 01:30: seven pieces can be from 9 we do it pad so yes say to our main flower main flower we will from here such here bunting petals some nicer It means in general We start to do then the first thing that we do show how We are doing great Petal already, I think everybody knows it The principle is simple just round it oblong to Folding place there still together still together
  • 02:02: so that the fingers it turns out that's a here chubby lepestochek Now cut off scissors Dasha do the same thing that always crop the back of the
  • 02:31: it turns out that's a plump we lepestochek Today we shall use here in such a slender Video here such that I mean these He made eight pieces farther small-small if these these 8 means should be 16 small two on one with lepestochek such a way also the smallest round lepestochek We add up the place yet yet instead of getting
  • 03:02: Here is such a we there fingers back and get a little round lepestochek Now do the same thing cut off and burned and behind the crop and
  • 03:30: leaf ready means We do such stuff 16 little more that more next pad we do Equipment that you already well known to us we add our petals so that's way is the and here and collect on a thread we do it for our pads which will be under the bottom so the bottom so now We collect just such a
  • 04:00: way everyone else petals Taksim stuff ready Now they just well I straighten and now We associate them well We can not connect so strongly bind
  • 04:30: as it will be lower soul carefully so it will serve as a cushion so thread basically pad Our ready here it is we will look here here and so so then begins deal with our flower main now we need to collect our flower we take the soft salt basis
  • 05:00: for soft founded can certainly serve Here is such a piece of simply tape cut off the corner of his cut and burn the To obtain such a like circle so here is such a circle turns Now we're at it collect our petals as always
  • 05:30: but this field a yes that is we do not straighten from such as if thin them We are going to get We are here petals Choose a circle level to so our flower assembled already happened Here is such to
  • 06:02: our next stage we need small petals pintsetik well or just handles can and glue here is such a Well, how would a small enjoy because can vary yes that is, we may or remove it lepestochek before or even glue adding this is how have sides at once stick so well and all the means so we look take lepestochek our dip adhesive edge
  • 06:31: and the edge of the petals Is it my dear glue in it carefully here and so here So so take the following again glue
  • 07:03: again what such a little and I saw a insert Now it turns that's why I said that there need two times more because we do basement peace. batting so well all We are doing the same thing hodimsya about it on
  • 07:31: circle here since get so mean paste all petals neatly then we will collect our composition so dear friends here what we do in eventually as you can see from the very simple petals yes get very interesting flower very beautiful as I have here a simple
  • 08:01: just tidy petals yes but obtained a very interesting composition means then we do with you build so mean Now take this here is our basis neatly align because we need and with using glue and we glue on here Now this little thing on your mouse motorcycle and passed
  • 08:35: I have attached a more cloth to Come would be I prefer to work with him so now carefully and attach aligned so prepared then what do we do Now we take We smear our here this is the basis of
  • 09:01: well greased glue and attach our basis for our so our pillows you can still here can be used tychinochki up for decorations can use a feather but if the glue powder it better first and paste then from then on glue the flower itself the cut is ready
  • 09:31: Now look at how sticking it to us Till near to somewhere Now in the midst of king will be good from then on course flatten it so as we need Now attach seredinochku knife seredinochku I am today
  • 10:01: Now take a bead that is necessary pieces because heart say attach too will very nice, you can some there just It is not much you can so here paste also be very pretty simple smear glue and glue that's all dear friends here that we have today with you got happened here such here simpatichnenko Clip on cap with such a widget to
  • 10:30: that you can attach via use and as a hairpin and how brooch and how Clip this other out on a hat before Well in decoration The principle is simple and beautiful as me well all dear friends if you like today Master Class Be sure to his husky write who comments yet not signed subscribe to my Channel a lot me interesting for lovers kanzashi thank you my dear friends try Be creative and you will get up until the next meeting