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We sew a hat and snud in 20 minutes! by Nadia Umka!  See details »



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  • 00:03: [music] Hello modern fashionista impotent original caps are not do because today this subject wardrobe not only performs a warming role but is trending accessory today we sew a very simple and a stylish hat and in addition to her We produce remarkable for LICs production of this simple cap us
  • 00:30: It takes only one action to grasp this head, we need about 80 centimeters knitted fabric Now, let's get down to work and very easy to do the pattern Our caps and so on paper slightly departing from the top corner We postpone our long header length hat 32 centimeters, you can do the same shorter if you like is not very long cap can make the length and but I believe that the optimal length hats adult is 30 32 centimeters I
  • 01:01: probably do for yourself and 32 centimeters so we're building a line equal to the length and caps 32 centimeters in my case it will let's write the length of the cap 32 centimeters this way then from the top width point postpone our cap I am using the world dome head girth my case is 28 centimeters let us sign for clarity
  • 01:31: Well, let's denote a fist grip head If you want to be very, very dense customized fit you with a very stretchable fabric slightly reduce your the width of the cap that is taken away from poluobhvat head half to two centimeters thus you have your cap will abut very, very tight on your head but I probably do not want to do it for themselves I want a little bit to make it freely and so Now let our design zamknom like this
  • 02:08: Now let the young men caps fall 4 and defer from one upper corner quarter length our hats in my the case 32 is divided into four 8 centimeters down from the top corner postpone 8 centimeters here so here manner on the one and on the other hand more then made conducting line
  • 02:34: top of the line, let's divide by three Equal parts in my case 28 is divided by 3 9.3 turns and put two points as a result, we should have three Equal portions of each now let point drop in Ulus perpendicular carry
  • 03:05: Now, let's divide the upper compartment half in my case 9.3 divide in half turns 4.65 let's note and put an end here now, let's smooth lines arrange tuck [music]
  • 03:32: So we built a bakery with one and on the other hand we do not want to display our next square but that is do first, let's cut out the square and the complex where I will show first cut all square completely advocate this is what we must have in result and now let us here on this lines
  • 04:00: make folds Now, let's cut out by our logical Mimino Now let razvernom a pattern here
  • 04:31: what we have as a result of let's make allowances and outline our bends our cap is double and all have one suture so there is where We will pass the seam allowance will give overlock stitch July 5 July 5 also our tuck, we also need to schedule the same May 7 on each side of our darts [music]
  • 05:00: and so here we will be below the fold well, we'll cover the same with the other hand It will also be hit by like this pattern in our cap completely ready then let's start our cut and so are our fabric we will work to refill here at we have held here and here we loose our part let's put fabric perpendicular common form 1 fold Now in this way right sides inside of course equate shared with us
  • 05:31: 1 formed fold Now we need to add another fabric just here in this way means that we Fold the fabric in four times and now let us impose stolen then we you must cut off the unwanted part of the which in the future we will cut begin let's just cut off the line our edge what do we have here, we will fold
  • 06:01: at the bottom we, too, will we have left the fold fix our twist let's do it with the help of a pin after we recorded at help our pin the pattern to the fabric and you need to circle they then ask our start-up we pointed perform
  • 06:35: at start-up, we asked us to remove remaining our the pattern and cut out our cap carry this is what we must have result is such a crown we get over these darts we certainly are all close and we will have one seam here we have a fold here and here We also have two fold let
  • 07:01: We turn around and see what we have here what we have now let us reveal all our hat here and connect it on our slice here in this way after that we need to close alternately each tuck will start with our the central tucks to let this Fold each twig soon my bulavochkoy [music]
  • 07:38: The same is done on the other side pins connect our central Tuck then do stitching on these shallow for them to overlock I'm his hat will grind on rasposhivalnye cars [music]
  • 08:05: so I closed its central tuck We closed on each side by 2 of our Tuck one side is the same with the other side where we have a side Our tuck which will pass weld it, we discovered that's what you should turn out here that as a result something from the other side completely the same thing that is closed our central and two side darts in the fold, we still continue to open that
  • 08:32: We will make the connection in one step where we left our side dart around an open fold which have We will move into our let connect Make Same cut of all parties darts should coincide at the center fix bulavochkami We go to our side seam leave
  • 09:01: a small gap open about seven centimeters here as this one land we leave open through we'll turn out all our cap and We continue to the other side [music] Similarly, we need to connect all our darts and the other side of center they must necessarily coincide
  • 09:42: after we recorded our cut we perform stitching in one time leaving a small gap open about 7 to 8 cm you could win a better cap do of course closer to your Center caps are not in the middle and towards the top your connection will be performed on rasposhivalnye machines
  • 10:00: You can also use a serger as you can use a small zigzag let's start [music] after we have made the connection go too cap half way to near the top of our darts joined at one point thereafter We do tack manual [music]
  • 10:31: then through our free hole gut-wrenching, let all our cap will do [music] this is what we must have in result is such a cap from the front hand here up our caps such very very neat with Let's turn out the wrong side of the we have the same thing in the last stage our work we have left to close here
  • 11:01: this site that we left open so that you return our cap Of course you can do the noise protection our car but if you do hand came completely will not be visible So let's perform I will sew manually [music] I heard you closed the officials completely can not see anything so our cap is completely ready now let
  • 11:30: and set aside and engage Our manufacturing 8 for the residue our fabrics fold in half and right sides inside of equity here in this way so we formed the fold afterwards fabric cut on the fold, let's do on with one hand carry stachnoy seam make it any hints or bend on his return the seam, I will do on
  • 12:00: rasposhivalnye machines carry [music] after we got in, we connect Here is the result of a very long canvas we need for the production of LIC is twice the amount of the head plus 20-25 centimeters all divided by 2 received the result gives us just long our breadth of our LIC to well, but that's what remains caps at our region as a
  • 12:31: We came here because of 80 centimeters Here we are complicated and as a result we We get well 25 centimeters we will finished form here so wide we minutes will be in my very acceptable in my case, the volume head 56 centimeters multiplied by 2 It turns 112 centimeters to which I added all of 20 centimeters This amount divided by 2, and as a result I It received 66 centimeters, and it will the final length of my warehouse, and so well Only that our joint connected us
  • 13:02: you need to measure the result in my case it turns 66 centimeters then do point obtained from hold the line note allowance is also a connection 05 07 and the rest is simply cut off, let's will do Now, let's deploy our canvas Now in this way to fold it in half inside-that's what we
  • 13:31: It should have here such a result long tube to be then connect one seam do this either zigzag or overlock on I'm going to do a nerve embroidery machine carry [music] [music] so we ate our fabric thus have we have formed is such a tube edge our pipes that are open until further
  • 14:02: let's invest half of our pipes the other half doing it just from center where we have a bill like this here's a way like a sock sock [music] thus our pipe edge converged in one place then we need to make a connection on range of levels of the slice leaving a short 10 centimeters open so that we can later turn our tuba perform
  • 14:30: [music] We rounded out our tube but in a ring leaving a small gap open then let's turn out the our pipe on the front side [music] that's what we got as a result of small remaining gap close in the same way as our caps
  • 15:01: [music] our hearing fully prepared cap too Now they dress and as well, that's all here is a wonderful kit we received today from the manufacturer which handle even a novice Now let's see how he looks back here so she's cap this is a very good not long and not too short go for it
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