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  • 00:01: Hello this project and other kitchen I do Valeria Today I suggest you cook ideal tartlets the dough will be a almost flaky friable we are many delicious once they have done, and I I highly recommend this our recipe will need 200 grams flour 120 grams of butter I I cut it to I have it was soft one-fourth part of a teaspoon salts and 3 tablespoons tablespoons ice water salt water mix
  • 00:30: salts and gives dissolved add the flour and mix the dough Now we do not for month, but it must form such here flakes that will in the dough during baking give this here bedding mixed and add soft butter Now knead first spoon
  • 01:00: the less you Oil touched hands the better, and that's when it's layered Steppe will juiciness good when it is impossible to It will knead take a spoon not old hands much knead dough We gather it into a ball here you can see it has a here a little layered course it pseudo puff pastry but nonetheless We collect the ball and Cleaned in the refrigerator 30 minutes on the test, you
  • 01:30: I fled to shut Buffet food film and now I will roll out the dough was Gorny is a you can take a film and I love the top even tell all unrolled film and remove it even for a little bit and a layered now we will determined I took molds just such a mold rivet and take shape cut-out for cutting more You can take small tins for if tartlets for example you
  • 02:00: where they do shut up or with red fish or if tartlets to be possible use for salad filling all cut circles remove unnecessary gently take the dough and drag him mold mold previously oiled and spread presses the edge of the well nothing wrong with that the dough on top of another then it is we remove neatly
  • 02:30: Our task now distribute it and a thickness fill all here these here you and them glasses is now easy hand movement gently with a knife remove in any the dough should not be the case ie pull straight pull him drag away because then you can Loosely hands easily dialed even without knife then it settles in baking time and you do not
  • 03:00: get clear beautiful mold completed baskets slightly We prick and remove freezer minutes ten I pulled them already out of the refrigerator Now bake tartlets with temperature 190 200 degrees to ready yet helicopter glasses yet their hot turn over to lattice among them very pop that is easy even I I think you can not lubricate yet depends on your shapers We give young cool
  • 03:32: cooled tartlets were very cool and look crispy slyshte because they seem to be puff inside magic dough honestly diameter of these here here helicopter so I received almost 7 centimeters here tins of baskets you You know if it is less then will certainly number greater here I have this the number of test turned 12 here just such large but I very tartlets
  • 04:00: I have used them just for salad By the way yesterday we laid out a prescription remarkable pate with mushrooms look over here Now fill them general was percale make them smaller 2 so that the pate creamy taste stunning and here tartlets with too creamy taste It is an ideal and if you'll salad use them all did not need to start early dough on any razmoknet but if it will be something like cream cheese and red caviar on top
  • 04:32: or any fish like just the fact you can even fill with a little bit early with him nothing but not all friends here are delicious tartlet dough is right amazing how You see it not much gets not much inflated well Cook with us simple delicious tartlets and I was with you Valeria place Like and subscribe and Watch us on will be many interesting