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  • 00:00: Hello Friends you Svetlana short today I I will do blinds and forget I came to visit the son he is being renovated room it is very small very many windows a lot of bright colors and we decided to make cheap blinds and I felt what it's like time can be and make the battle difficulty has arisen in is that the width of the window 60 2 centimeters and the width Only 52 Wallpaper so now I will come up like nice add
  • 00:30: wide and will do shutters themselves for us will I need yourself wallpaper have to use two We roll different they chose to something in harmony We will also need rope line clamps can be double can be these are single things that can seen on jackets when the rope somewhere on kuliske hood or sweat and sewed You will need a pair of scissors
  • 01:00: double sided tape for sticking to pva adhesive window for to connect the two and first wallpaper I called the county home at already done such as blinds I was not the only it's nothing just add on window and puts forth two there are two bands width when the house did not read that he It called ice though so small but a golden sheen from the street really It looks like We picked up a cloth and to blend in just such a striped
  • 01:30: Wallpaper took very direct thick one wide window 50 he takes centimeters just one single if the width of the wallpaper about a meter in the two width but have little from the edge of the cut strip and the process will, in principle, a the same primarily merem width of the window in my 62 I tried on a centimeter 15 meter height to width 52 cm I need to add 10 centimeters from the other Wallpaper I s1a at both sides identical stripes
  • 02:01: and the height you need to do will rule half height windows only that if you you want to completely close the window by sun you remain very beautiful folds it meaning they will not stretched I will need add width 10 centimeters is 5 is obtained by centimeters each side plus one centimeter to paste the strip incidentally measure I am not a window glass supports and seizing just the entire width
  • 02:30: frame Shirinov Now calculated as the height of the I take about a meter sixty meter seventy-that is, I to height windows add about 55 centimeters now I I will cut meter seventy basic background and two strips on the meter seventy that I will stick to basic background Here comfort is and that figure is strip and convenient will power is not brought so everything is very thick
  • 03:00: construction adhesive pva I glued strips one from the other hand and give them dry brush promazyvayut if you We went over the edge of the when he nothing drying will colorless when will stick second strip at least sometimes apply the centimeter to us I did not run the width then to her on the window and trim help Statement cloth or roll bonding juice
  • 03:30: Now we will fold and play accordion can take for the convenience of the ticker the width of the pockets will 34 centimeters, I think even made a little longer too beautiful but look here windows are not as high and therefore better garmoshechka do probably all the help remember as a child how we did a fan or feeder start collapse like this can be used
  • 04:00: ticker planted well As you know I love to do everything by eye I therefore watering can I will not use you offer to convenience if folds you will on the uneven window you strongly evident not Here is why it is necessary take paper wallpaper because vinyl no they are expensive beautiful wide have but in the future they would so shaped accordion although it may keep It happens to be different if the quality of a piece of house was try first once I was
  • 04:30: quite difficult to do always somewhere something escapes and Now people it is easy I free to do so until the end of me a little bit let down machinery so especially the most important point is not imprinted on camera and I am now I retake it at home when we accordion They lay down the entire length of wallpaper we will have it is folded in half do not be afraid easily fold here here will be down and Centre our wallpapers here with this side and there will be
  • 05:01: up right here we will stick Fold in half found center can pencil but you can mark Shiv just once make a hole and now we need will rope if you soft rope I was in a fine soft I need will help and eyes It can be a gypsy take a needle or any a needle with a large eye will need to do take the rope we are more than the length the height of the window a little bit More centimeters
  • 05:30: 20 to 30 with one end of the I in case the needle and now I'll whip I must lock I will click on button here I two double latch holes so that it Better to keep my rope she is I shall dress in silky and one hole prodenu to another until I have it, press lock to better lock held because they These feeble clamps and you can omitted actually to the bottom
  • 06:00: that is, have we already will be down to our rope at the bottom we will will be tying the knot Now I pull out and sewed on place sewed vdevayu needle and wolf diva that's from the bottom up to lock was here in This folds the ie it turns out at We will be at the bottom and rope deduce up slightly remove the needle already we do not need here I do knot
  • 06:30: may be somewhat nodules pulled rope I envy for the first crease and here I need a good will fix ordinary adhesive tape it will be necessary to to rope It is not slid as the times and knot windows here and help Now on top of the need to will stick Double-sided tape If you can narrow glue the two stripes and here too horoshenechko you need to press down well stuck to both It remains at gluing remove Only protective layer
  • 07:00: And so stick at the top of this window we will have the upper of the lower part will develop Now such a fan of this fan will keep Then we lock click on the button omit the retainer it so as we need possible to the bottom and let go of the blinds the bottom is here again we have this beautiful shell if you want to the bottom of can be here and also clamp pressing on tightening clamp
  • 07:30: we collect it on the the height of which we needed and now we see all this action if we We need more light we can pick up on and if to the top we do not need the light click on the lock We omit our blinds for there is able to which we need can fully close the window to the end of the start-up's this effect we it turns out like this inexpensively
  • 08:00: we can do it blinds with their hands We like this look this chair and this is how blinds look at my house so we prepared hussar it is a pity that our Krasnodar region rain and floods very cold will glad if my video It will be useful to you Thank you for watching put the huskies subscribe to my until we meet channel