Super simple recipe! Napoleonchiki cookies. Tasty!!!

Super simple recipe! Napoleonchiki cookies. Tasty!!!  See details »



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  • 00:01: [music] Hello, friends today you offer but unpretentious recipe very tasty pechenyushek called Nap for checks our food is not require such products 260 pack of margarine
  • 00:32: gram flour is about 2 cups flour 100g water tablespoon of vinegar but a cup of sugar and powdered sugar is padding first in three margarine which should lie down for a bit freezer that was good frozen on large grater on three margarine is now grated margarine will rub the flour and first parts add the flour Stir one part margarine and then first fork convenient to do next we will do it
  • 01:00: hand have stirred Add another flour of the Well and now pour flour residue Now all we shall pound hand fine crumbs Now do street take vodichku tablespoon of vinegar and added vodichku lune pour vodichku and knead feast pastry dough knead receive such soft and now his or put food plenochku and bag
  • 01:30: put in refrigerator minutes 30 cm from the word 30 minutes to let him put hours lie down in the fridge how much you dispose The more time the better the dough from refrigerator pulled I am now on whose surface we will roll profit of dough largely by a dick and will roll seam thickness about centimeter and unrolled sprinkle each syllable sugar sugar rolled single layer and again and roll out again sprinkle with flour and
  • 02:00: I'm sorry, and sugar Hay displace more again and again roll out and now third sprinkle sugar test on sugar test well distribute and again turn off and last time roll out into the reservoir about 1 centimeter formation and unrolled now special knife and if you this is not possible usual cut diamonds cookies on a baking tray
  • 02:30: posted and now we put the oven preheated 200 degrees to readiness of cookies oven got it I stood there twenty five minutes here are sloechki nice to get cookies on a plate shifted sprinkle with sugar powder can be here so simple cookie recipe puff napoleonchik I shared with you I hope you liked subscribe to my
  • 03:00: channel and to new meetings at my new Video recipes yet