Openwork elastic band spokes. (Knitting. Delicate rib.)  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:09: openwork gum looks very beautifully mated with us not have the front and seamy side she looks equally perfect suitable for knitting scarves join us
  • 00:30: We are together and knit Beginners knitting openwork elastic band with set of loops it should be + two to four fold let's edge Dial to sample 32 edge loops + 2 then have typed thirty four eyelets
  • 01:36: the two loops and 2 edge 33 and 34 all pulling the second spoke begin knitting lace elastic band pattern rapport 1 is the number of there we were binding and backstitches and facial ranks the same that is a number that
  • 02:01: Now I'll show you knit an edge removed we were binding on the two facial loops January 2 We do sc and now we need to knit 2 loops along the front
  • 02:31: with the removal of the stitches we have the first loop shoot like this 2 provyazyvaem it face further we removed the noose We pulled through knit then again 2 facial
  • 03:00: loops 1 facial 2 sc and likewise we took one loop more precisely here so removed second front we knit and now removed the noose thrown over knit that is, we have 2 loops with Lean to the left obtain further
  • 03:33: 2 again face nakida and one removed provyazyvaem second front and we move the shot loop through knit so we repeat to end of the series 2 face
  • 04:06: sc 1 and 2 removed facial knit and transferred through knit loop
  • 04:54: in the gum we backstitches loops do not knit are
  • 05:00: Some facial loops and the last bridge 2 facial and 1 sc remove the second provyazyvaem we move the first loop 2 and and the last bead Now purl loop and the whole report we knit
  • 05:30: let us work together with you even knit one row remove an edge we were binding on the two facial loops knit 1 front nakida we also provyazyvaem the front is now doing sc and remove one loop 2 loop face
  • 06:01: provyazyvaem and we move again 2 facial February 1 nakida the first loop was removed second front knit and We have thrown a curve 2 through second face
  • 06:32: to tag we move to end of the series
  • 07:24: facial and sc we move loops first removed 2 knit the front and
  • 07:31: transferred first 2 and knit an edge a back that's all knitting all I'm with you knit knit two ryadochka So we were binding and third fourth as we necessary as a result we it turns out here such beauty very beautiful rezinochka hope in
  • 08:00: you got it smooth you pyaterik all the best