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Description of a grade of a tomato PINK HONEY  See details »

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  • 00:01: Pink small variety of tomato is one of sorts that I bought in the store seeds and decided to try you out it happens every year, and some varieties tasted and here is the pink honey including
  • 00:31: the first fruits and ripe somewhere as of August according to the description This variety should be the determinate with not very high, this corresponds to Actually here it I can see that not very high but it should It is the fruit of a much larger Well I have to Unfortunately these did not grow well, it will be not very favorable, we may so it is possible even for some reason However, the benefits of large I special
  • 01:02: no one has the living is easy, too blanc you can remove the water which is already mildly I struck up a medium-sized fruit, too not so much in this sort of way that all indicators of this sort in a pink honey I have not well displayed the possibility of the season so maybe the climate we have a well, however it was unlikely
  • 01:34: him I will leave it for permanent application here is a sort of pink is not about taste can not say anything because I I have not tried here soon try to get well bush write good and I'm not doubt because they are pink fruits always pretty tasty and we the amount of fruit can be seen that not much else blanc alive can be removed
  • 02:04: here is a sort of pink honey but be that as it may be tried as early as other conditions, it will be better to grow nothing bad to say about him I do not want Well, unfortunately I have to you until at least the case does not show then you can try when they are not on